The Magician Who Will Change the Way You Think

Professional headshot of Helder Guimaraes

"Magic is a vehicle for communication." 

Armed with a deck of playing cards, award-winning sleight-of-hand and a captivating personality, Helder Guimarães is set to change the way you think about magic through his unique performance that is equal parts humourous, informative, and jaw-dropping. 

Guimarães stopped by the Leading Authorities offices on Thursday to show that his magic is so much more than card "tricks" -- it's a theatrical experience of impossible and improbable things. The youngest-ever World Champion of Card Magic -- he was just 23-years old when he won the title in 2006 --Guimarães dazzled and amazed with a performance that has been described as "a nuanced stagecraft with good old how-does-he-do-it sleight of hand ... silently plotting to blow your mind with invisible technique, unorthodox psychology and fresh humor."

Then Guimarães put down the cards and passionately explained WHY magic matters, explained how his Four Tools for Deception can (and should) be applied in everyday life, and challeneged us all to "Think Better." 

More recently, Helder was an invited speaker at the famous 2014 TED Conference, where he delivered his performance of "narrative magic -- wowing the crowd with card tricks that tell a story, and illusions that remind one to 'search for the small coincidences in life.' Because what is magic but a series of wonderful coincidences?"

For more information on Helder Guimarães, and to book him as a speaker, visit his bio page on Leading Authorities.

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