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Mark Bowden: Something New & Different For Your Sales Meeting


Do you know how to tweak your voice to sound more convincing? Or what about how not to stand to project confidence? How to use your eyebrows to signal that you’re a friend—and not a foe?

World-renowned behavioral science and body language expert Mark Bowden offers one of the most entertaining keynotes we’ve seen in a while. And the best part is the tips he shares in-between fun demonstrations and hilarious stories are so practical. Sales teams use his advice as soon as they’re back at their desks—we know ours did.

Watch footage from Mark’s TEDx talk to see for yourself how his insights on being “inauthentic” can be used immediately.

Mark Bowden, one of the world’s top body language experts, speaks to these issues specifically, and has talks that are essential for:

  • Sales teams, who need to win trust and gain credibility to close deals
  • Leaders, who need to inspire others and build relationships to fuel a successful culture
  • HR teams, who need to understand how their body language is being interpreted to communicate important messages more clearly

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