McChrystal: One Of LAI's Most-Booked Speakers

Gen. Stanley McChrystal is a powerful speaker who consistently gets rave reviews. In fact, a new Forbes profile on the General is offering insight into what makes his talks so memorable, and why he’s an exceptional leadership professor to his graduate students at Yale.

Here are a few excerpts—

  • “He’s extremely personal and quite charismatic.”
  • “Leadership can be taught and learned. The bottom line is that leaders need to be trained in skills beyond functional expertise to cope with this changing world.”
  • “The general-professor’s ultimate way of teaching leadership is by exemplifying it.”
  • “His willingness to engage in honest conversations is the reason why the group shared such special dynamics.” 

Gen. McChrystal was also recently featured in this CNN special about the rise of ISIS. The former Commander of U.S. and International Forces in Afghanistan is able to speak to shifting geopolitical relations as well as leadership. 

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