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Military Leadership Speakers

Lynch Houghton Hughes

From former commanders to intelligence officials, our inspirational military speakers provide battle-tested insights on leadership, teamwork, communication, and innovation. Their findings translate very well to corporate challenges. We’d like to suggest some speakers with background in military leadership to consider for your next event or meeting.

Mike Lynch, Commander Indigenous Covert Operations Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan
Mike Lynch served for almost two decades with British Special Forces in the SAS, and his experience in ‘behind the lines’ covert target development is unsurpassed. He served two of the longest operational tours in the history of the modern day British Army, and shares insight on what it takes to select, motivate, and lead unstoppable teams—developed while fighting some of the world’s most savage organisations.

Daniel Hughes, Ex- Special Forces Instructor, 787 Dreamliner Pilot, & GB Duathlete
An incredible leadership and decision-making coach, Daniel Hughes specialises in high-pressure situations. In addition to being one of the youngest ever “badged” into the SAS, he is an adventurer who created the world’s highest video broadcast to the BBC, from the summit of Mt. Everest. High energy and filled with enthralling stories, his presentation is recommended for 2018 events seeking to energize teams with big goals ahead of them. 

Nick Houghton, Former Chief of the Defence Staff of the British Armed Forces
General Sir Nick Houghton was the UK Chief of the Defence Staff until last summer. As the most senior position in the British military, he has been at the centre of the global security environment for many years, and is now available to share his experience and insight. General Houghton can discuss the causes of global conflict, the likely sources of future disputes and how these are likely to impact investment and business globally. 

Sir Simon Mayall, 3 Star British Lieutenant General
One of Europe’s pre-eminent authorities on the Middle East, Sir Simon Mayall was most recently Defence Senior Adviser Middle East for the UK Government, and the Prime Minister’s Security Envoy to Iraq. He is an expert on the current turmoil in the Middle East region and its wider geo-political ramifications, and has a vast knowledge of the history, politics, and culture of the Arab world.

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