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Motivational Speaker Audiences are Calling "Riveting" and "Brilliant"

by Steve Bagshaw
Motivational Speaker is Riveting and Brilliant

“One of the best presentations I’ve ever experienced…Ben’s talk was absolutely brilliant. I was riveted to my seat just listening to him.”

World-record holding polar explorer Ben Saunders has been getting incredible reviews for his inspirational speech about his self-belief and human potential. A repeat TED speaker, he shares insights on how to rise to a challenge, push past mental and physical barriers, and explore inner strength.

Audiences are also calling him “superb,” “a great communicator,” and “truly inspirational.” Watch his video:

His Message: Persevering in challenging environments

Earlier this year, he became the first person to successfully retrace the steps of Captain Scott and walk unsupported from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back. Since Scott’s failed expedition 100 years ago, 12 people have been on the Moon, 500 in Space, and 5,000 have climbed Everest. But only Ben has accomplished this 1,800-mile feat.

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