Motivational Speakers from Big Brands

Energize your audience with a motivational business speech with a top keynote speaker. Here are a few of our favorites:

Alex Hunter, Former Head of Online Marketing for Virgin Group

  • Builds brand loyalty around “customer delight” and “emotion over reason”
  • Breaks down the marketing revolution caused by the digital age
  • Uses personal anecdotes from Virgin to demonstrate creating authentic emotional connections with consumers

Ken Schmidt, Legendary Former Director of Communications Strategy at Harley Davidson

  • Revamped Harley Davidson’s image, creating one of the most successful marketing turnarounds ever
  • Receives raving reviews for his passionate speech and down-to-earth, easy going, fun-to-be around style
  • Shares lessons on harnessing the major drivers of human behavior to build tattoo-worthy brands

Sarah Robb O’Hagan, Former Global President of Gatorade and President of Equinox

  • Transformed Gatorade’s business strategy with the breakthrough line of G2 products that skyrocketed revenue and market share 
  • High-energy speaker who pushes audiences to become “extreme” individuals
  • Talks about how to make failure your fuel, with relatable stories from her own career

When you are selecting speakers for conventions and meetings, a big brand can be very helpful when promoting your event to increase attendance. Explore our list of business leaders from major brands for more options. For more information on these speakers, or if you’d like more ideas for your specific needs, call us at 1-800-SPEAKER or chat with us now. 

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