Navy SEAL Leader’s 3 Keys To No-Fail Teams

Last week Rear Adm. Scott Moore visited our office to talk about the secret to no-fail teams. Scott is the former number two leader in the entire Navy SEAL organization.
During this visit, he talked about the rescue of American hostage Jessica Buchanan in the Horn of Africa—weaving lessons about no-fail teams between stories about locating Jessica, determining the best way to save her, parachuting into the African bush in the middle of the night, and ultimately taking out 9 Somali pirates to get Jessica out of captivity alive.
He hammered home that SEALs can do what they do because they’re a no-fail team, and shared these 3 keys to building no-fail teams:

  • Strong Leadership: Good leaders are decisive, explain their decisions to teams, and lead that decision
  • Demonstrated Trust: No-fail teams are transparent and cohesive
  • Dedication to Peak Performance: Your company culture must promote excellence

Moore’s talk was full of moving stories and actionable substance that grips you and leaves an impression. We were all moved by Scott and speechless after some of his stories.
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