Navy SEALs for 2018 Events


If your group is focused on building teams or getting the best performance out of your team in 2018, we would like to recommend two former Navy SEALs with incredible talks on leadership and teamwork who both receive top reviews:

For events focused on transforming your culture and becoming more agile, I recommend Chris Fussell. Chris is a Former Navy SEAL and a Managing Partner at the McChrystal Group. His new book, out earlier this year, is called One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams. It’s a roadmap for breaking down silos, increasing collaboration, skillfully implementing organizational change, and building a “team of teams.” It was named one of the top 3 books on leadership in 2017 by Strategy + Business and was on Forbes’ summer reading list.

For events focused on building no-fail teams, I recommend retired Rear Admiral Scott Moore, who was the number two leader in the entire Navy SEAL organization. He shares incredible stories of missions (including how a SEAL team saved a hostage in the Horn of Africa against all odds) and hammers home that SEALs do the impossible by tapping into the 3 keys of no-fail teams: strong leadership, demonstrated trust, and dedication to peak performance.

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