New Book "Bitcoin Pizza" by Samantha Radocchia


Hungry for a fun, relatable guide to all things blockchain and cryptocurrency?

Look no further than Bitcoin Pizza: The No-Bullshit Guide to Blockchain—a new book by LAI speaker Samantha Radocchia. Already a #1 Amazon best-seller in E-commerce, Bitcoin Pizza offers a sociological, historical, and technical perspective on the complex issue of blockchain. Radocchia breaks it down into several palpable pieces, exploring what our current global operating system is lacking, how blockchain fixes those gaps, and the opportunities it presents.

Given Samantha’s experience as the founder of a leading blockchain company, she predicts the ways blockchain will work alongside other emerging technologies—additive manufacturing, AI, machine learning, IoT, sensors, and more—to create more efficient, productive, and socially equitable societies.

To celebrate the launch of her new book, Samantha and her team hosted a #BitcoinPizzaParty on Twitter!

Bitcoin Pizza Book Tweet

Watch the video below to see Samantha explain what a blockchain is, why it is necessary, and which industries it will impact the most:


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