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New Exclusive: Host of CNN’s “The Wonder List”

by Maddie Donnelly
Host of CNN show and Expert Speaker

We want to tell you about award-winning journalist Bill Weir, a new speaker we’ve just begun working with.

A few years ago, he went to CNN chief Jeff Zucker and pitched a concept for a new show. He would travel the world seeking answers to some of the day’s most pressing questions, like “How is global warming really affecting us?” or, “Why do certain populations live longer than others?” And he was given the green light.

Take a look:

Weir is an incredibly engaging speaker who brings name recognition and have-to-see-to-believe stories to his audiences. Plus, his talk—sharing how he got where he is and what he’s learned from the places he’s visited around the world—can be tailored to your industry, pulling specific examples from his travels and his show.

If you’re interested in Bill Weir for any upcoming events, please fill out the form below.

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