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New Exclusive Speakers: NYT Best-Selling Authors of The Decoded Company

by Whitney Sayce
Exclusive Speakers and Best Selling Authors

Leerom Segal and Jay Goldman are LAI’s latest additions to our exclusives roster. Available individually or as a duo, they are the authors of New York Times best-selling The Decoded Company.

They speak about the opportunities organizations have to use big data as an advantage—focusing on turning the big data lens inward, decoding employee data the same way that Facebook, Netflix, and Spotify decode customer data. Segal and Goldman turn technology into a coach and show how it can be used to improve performance, design an innovative culture, hire for specific values, and more.

Theirs is the management toolkit of the future, and with great visuals and interesting case studies, they offer a practical approach. Watch highlights from their exciting, forward-looking presentation.

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