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New Female Neuroscientist On Maximising Brain Power

New Female Neuroscientist On Maximising Brain Power

In her new book, Why We Do What We Do: Understanding our brain to get the best out of ourselves and others, Dr. Helena Boschi suggest that despite the obvious importance of the brain in everything we do, think or feel, we understand so little about how it works.

Her particular areas of interest include the brain and behaviour, our emotional and rational neural networks and how to improve our cognitive abilities in order to get the best out of our own and others’ brainpower.

In the book, and in her accompanying keynotes, Dr. Boschi uses highly relatable scientific research and real-life examples to provide insights into how the brain works at home and in our personal lives, and shows audiences how (with tips and advice) to unlock happier, healthier, more productive lives.

Dr. Boschi has spent the last 25 years working closely with businesses across industry to define and design new initiatives to boost leadership, teamwork, communication, and facilitate organisational change. Her keynotes are fantastic for groups that want to improve performance and interpersonal happiness.


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