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11 New & Exciting Female Speakers

Exciting new female speakers

Is your event missing the perspective of an incredible female speaker? Have a conference agenda filled with mostly male speakers? Need new and fresh ideas for female keynote speakers?

Here is a list of eleven strong and in-demand female speakers we've recently started working with:

  • Annie Duke
  • Jenny Radcliffe
  • Charlotte Blank
  • Crystal Washington
  • Laila Ali
  • Mel Robbins
  • Col. Nicole Malachowski
  • Klyn Elsbury
  • Amy Harder
  • Shellye Archambeau
  • Andy Cunningham

Annie Duke: Annie is a former professional poker player, decision strategist who teaches audiences to embrace and make the most of uncertain times, and author of the new book, Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts. Annie really gets into the behavioral science of good and bad decision making. She also touches on the reasons why poker is usually the best anecdote for success and failure in life, and not chess, saying that sometimes the best hand loses and other times the worst hand wins.

Jenny Radcliffe: Jenny has been called a mind reader and a “human lie detector.” She is an expert in social engineering, negotiation, persuasion, non-verbal communication and deception. Funny and unlike any speaker you’ve seen before, she uses a combination of anecdotes, science, and humor to help clients read people, use subtle tactics to persuade others during negotiations, open up avenues of conversation that were formerly shut, and understand and protect against their own vulnerabilities.

Charlotte Blank: Charlotte is the Chief Behavioral Officer at Maritz, where she leads the company’s practice of behavioral science and innovation. Focused on “unleashing the potential” of client’s employees, she helps clients understand what makes their employees “tick” and how to better make sense of human behavior in an evolving marketplace.

Crystal Washington: Crystal is a social media and tech trends guru who helps teams fuel growth and sales by using technology to enhance interpersonal relationships. She uses her insights in social media and trends to explain how your company can use the current technology to remain innovative. In her talk, among other things, she explains what the current internet landscape means for recruitment, client engagement, and brand differentiation. She runs her own consulting firm and has advised the likes of Google, Microsoft, and GE on the practical applications of social media. She provides real takeaways that audiences will return to again and again—my coworkers all routinely use her LinkedIn tips for prospecting.

Laila Ali: Laila is a four-time boxing world champion, fitness and nutrition expert, TV host, cooking enthusiast, founder of the Laila Ali Lifestyle Brand and mother of two. She motivates young women to find their strength, spirit, and power from within and uses her life experiences as examples of how to achieve success through courage, passion, and a positive mindset. As one of our top female motivational speakers, Laila is a wonderful choice when you’re searching for someone that connects with audiences and inspires them to change, whether to attain their lifelong goals or aspire to new levels of happiness.

Mel Robbins: Mel Robbins is a serial entrepreneur, consultant, TED speaker, and best-selling author who helps audiences quit procrastinating, become more courageous, set and accomplish goals, change for the better, and ultimately transform their lives with her “5 Second Rule” for success. Since discovering and implementing "The 5 Second Rule" eight years ago, Mel has become the most-booked female speaker in the world, an award-winning legal analyst for CNN, a contributing editor to SUCCESS Magazine, an internationally-acclaimed best-selling author, and the CEO of a media company that inspires more than 20 million people each month. Her life-altering speech is filled with groundbreaking insights and a tool for action that is critical for selling, leadership development, innovation, and success. During her talk, Mel presents the secret to HOW we change behavior, HOW to take smart risks, HOW you bring out the best in your team, and HOW to create the results that we covet at work and in life.

Col. Nicole Malachowski: Nicole is America's first female Thunderbird pilot, a combat veteran, and a former fighter squadron commander. She uses her time in combat as a metaphor for the changes organizations and individuals are faced with, and shares insights in leadership, fellowship and overcoming adversity.

Klyn Elsbury: Klyn is a best-selling author and motivational speaker who talks about her incredible life journey living with Cystic Fibrosis. In her tear-jerking speech “Using Adversity as Your Advantage,” Klyn talks about living each day like it’s your last and finding an appreciation for the world of possibilities that await when you’re prepared to throw aside self-imposed limitations.

Amy Harder: Amy is a National Energy and Climate Change Reporter for Axios. Known as one of the leading national energy, environmental, and climate change reporters in the country, she regularly appears on PBS, MSNBC, CBS, and more to talk about the biggest energy issues of the day. She is also known for her uniquely balanced approach.

Shellye Archambeau: Shellye is the former CEO of Silicon Valley-based MetricStream, where over the course of 14 years she grew the company from a newly formed company to a 1,500-person, global team. She spent 15 years in executive roles at IBM, becoming the first African American woman sent on international assignment by the company. Among Shellye’s many accomplishments, she was named the “#2 Most Influential African American in Technology” by Business Insider and she was named one of the “100 Most Influential Business Leaders in America” by Newsmax. In her talks, she shares her inspiring success story and the framework she used to achieve it motivating and inspiring audiences all around the world.

Andy Cunningham: An entrepreneur at the forefront of marketing, branding, positioning, and communicating “The Next Big Thing,” Andy Cunningham has played a key role in the launch of a number of new categories including video games; personal computers; desktop publishing; digital imaging; RISC microprocessors; software as a service; very light jets; and clean tech investing. She is an expert in creating and executing marketing, branding, and communication strategies that accelerate growth, increase shareholder value, and advance corporate reputation.

Check out our full list of our talented female speakers here—including their experience, speaking topics, and accomplishments. 

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