New LAI Exclusive: Inspirationalist & Kindness Culture Expert

New LAI Exclusive: TV Host and Motivational Speaker, Sebastian Terry

If you are looking a fresh speaker and an amazing story, look no further than Sebastian Terry.

Dynamic, touching, and highly inspirational, Sebastian’s keynote consistently gets rave reviews. Now exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau for lectures, workshops, and activations, Sebastian has spoken to over 300,000 people globally – inspiring and helping organizations understand and implement programs that acknowledge that their own success is a direct reflection of the health and well-being of the individuals within, as well as the culture and ecosystem that is built around them.

From the story of one man’s dream of finding happiness via the world's greatest bucketlist, to a global movement that has united the masses and changes the culture of kindness wherever he goes, Sebastian's story sparks inspiration and guarantees long-lasting impact through it’s integrated approach – touching on a host of key topics, audience participation, and an ongoing framework for individuals and organizations to grow, flourish, and connect long after the event has finished. 

Told through the lens of his own incredible journey, Sebastian uses masterful storytelling and principles of psychology to cut to the core of human behavior, personal achievement, mental wellness, and community growth. 

Acknowledging that change, adversity, and the unknown are constant dynamics in business, Sebastian’s holistic perspective offers inspiration as well as real-time opportunity for individuals and teams to create impact in their personal and professional lives.

From goal-setting and value identification, to the power of permission, action, and connection, his keynote shows that the potential of true connection with self and others is a crucial ingredient for a full life and a flourishing organization.

Formed around the theory that self care is the first step towards service to others in both personal and professional realms, Sebastian uniquely taps into business culture and the power of the individual as a driving force for change. Turned into a best-selling book, two international documentaries on Discovery Channel and ESPN, and a reality TV show, Sebastian's journey has grown into a global philanthropic movement to set meaningful goals, achieve one's biggest dreams, and help others in need.


  • Create Your Ultimate Personal and Professional Bucketlist
  • Building Mental Wellness
  • The Art of Achieving
  • The Power of Action
  • Alignment
  • 3 Steps to Activating Kindness in Your Community
  • Kindness as a Culture

Watch him in action:



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