New LAI Speakers for 2023

Collage of new LAI Speakers from left to right: Samuel Bertram, Evy Poumpouras, Tim Heaphy, and Julia Pollak

At Leading Authorities, we pride ourselves on our ability to connect event organizers and businesses with the best keynote speakers who deliver engaging and informative presentations with insights that stick with audience members, stories that inspire them, and thought-provoking ideas that remain with them long after the event has concluded.

We represent and collaborate with a vast network of keynote speakers who captivate audiences with their compelling narratives and highly sought-after expertise. We are excited to highlight speakers we have recently begun working with who offer audiences valuable perspectives and practical measures on the most in-demand trending topics for this year.

  • Tim Heaphy, Lead Investigator, January 6 House Select Committee; Former United States Attorney for the Western District of Virginia
  • Meghan O'SullivanGeopolitical Authority & Presidential Advisor, Harvard Professor & Administrator
  • Dethra Giles, Executive Leadership & HR Strategist, Modern Workplace Influencer, Career Consultant
  • Dana Peterson, Chief Economist, The Conference Board
  • Samuel Bertram, Pragmatic Futurist, Agricultural Entrepreneur, Global Changemaker
  • Heather Caygle, Managing Editor, Punchbowl News
  • Sarah IsgurSpokesperson for the U.S. Department of Justice (2017-2018), ABC News Contributor, Senior Editor & Podcast Host for "The Dispatch"
  • Julia Pollak, Chief Economist, ZipRecruiter
  • Rob Portman, U.S. Senator (R-OH, 2011-2023), Former Director of the Office of Management and Budget & United States Trade Representative
  • Doug JonesU.S. Senator (D-AL) 2018-2021, Former U.S. Attorney
  • Jonathan Martin, Politics Bureau Chief and Senior Political Columnist, POLITICO
  • Ashley Merryman, Leadership Expert & Success Engineer, Two-time New York Times Bestselling Author
  • Jennifer Justice, Barrier-Breaking Entertainment Lawyer & Business Strategist; Former General Counsel & EVP, Roc Nation; Founder & CEO, The Justice Dept.
  • Kelly Monahan, Managing Director of the Future of Work Research Institute, Upwork; Former Director of Future of Work, Meta; Organizational Behaviorist
  • Evy Poumpouras, Former Secret Service Special Agent and Interrogator, Co-Host of Bravo TV’s “Spy Games”
  • Michael Fabiano, World-Renowned Risk-Taking Opera Singer, Entrepreneur, Arts Philanthropist
  • Corina Burton, Entrepreneurial Strategist & Mindset Maven; Founder & CEO, Unstoppable Media
  • Galen Druke, Podcast Host & Reporter, FiveThirtyEight Politics/ABC News
  • Patrick Toomey, U.S. Senator (R-PA) 2011-2023; Ranking Member, Senate Banking Committee; Member, Finance Committee, Budget Committee, and Joint Economic Committee
  • Jim Sonefeld, GRAMMY Award-Winning Musician & Drummer, Hootie & the Blowfish
  • Josh KelleyChart-Topping Singer & Songwriter
  • Roben Farzad, Journalist, Broadcaster & Host of Public Radio’s “Full Disclosure”

With our network of speakers spanning across multiple industries and fields, we are able to cater to a wide range of needs and preferences for any meeting. Read on to discover more about the new speakers we represent in 2023 and explore whether their expertise could be a good match for your upcoming event.

Tim Heaphy

tim heaphy pictured against a white background

On the ground expertise from the intersection of politics, policy, and law

One of the nation’s most powerful attorneys, Tim Heaphy has investigated some of the most important legal inquiries of our time, including serving as the lead investigator for the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack. In his talks, he breaks down the key issues politics, law, and society, while putting forth practical approaches for criminal justice reform and re-working our democracy to better serve the needs of the people.

Meghan O'Sullivan 

meghan o'sullivan pictured in front of a blue background

An engrossing overview of hot-button geopolitical issues

Called “one of this century’s most influential people” by Esquire, Meghan O’Sullivan is a Harvard professor and geopolitical expert who has advised our nation’s highest-ranking leaders on complex foreign policy decisions and shares firsthand insights on geopolitics today, addressing issues such as international relations, national security, and energy and climate.

Dethra Giles

Dethra Giles headshot where she is covering her ears and wearing big glasses in front of a light background

Providing the map to career success

Dethra Giles is a career and workplace optimizer who helps organizations and individuals take their goals and make them a reality. In her speeches, Giles combines her education and real-world experience, putting organizations and employees on the path to making an impact in their own ways.

Dana Peterson

dana peterson picture in front of grey background

Insightful analysis on the current economic landscape, and what’s next for organizations

Leading an immersive deep dive with up-to-the-minute insights on the near- and far-term economy and how businesses can adapt to its volatility, Dana Peterson is an expert sought out by the world's top financial institutions, media outlets, and policymakers to provide a clear understanding of the current economic landscape.

Samuel Bertram

samuel bertram picture rendered in black and white

Solving real-world problems through innovation, creativity, and value-based decision-making

Bertram is an advocate for gritty entrepreneurship aimed at solving humanity’s greatest challenges. He draws from his experiences as an global changemaker and CEO of the revolutionary vertical farming company OnePointOne to inspires audiences to view business, innovation, and entrepreneurship from fresh perspectives and uncover new ways to drive change and make an impact in the world.

Heather Caygle 

image of heather caygle smiling

Unbiased analysis of the movers and shakers shaping American politics

A prominent journalist and managing editor of Punchbowl News, Heather Caygle delves into the inner workings of Congress and the White House, examining the effects of our nation's leaders on politics, policy, and society as they shape the course of American politics.

Sarah Isgur

sarah isgur pictured in front of a grey background

A straightforward explanation of transformative events in politics and law 

A widely respected political commentator whose insights are frequently published in the press and featured on broadcast media, Sarah Isgur brings audiences unique perspectives on the news of the day and shares insider knowledge on how decisions really get made in Washington, D.C.

Julia Pollak

julia pollak pictured outdoors in front of buildings

Exploring today’s trends in the global economy, and the workplace

An economic mover and shaker who is at the leading edge of market trends and their impact on business and the new work economy, Pollack points to the numbers to offer valuable recruiting and human resources strategies for the future of work.

Rob Portman

Rob Portman's headshot wearing a suit against a light background

Bridging the bipartisan divide

Rob Portman served as a United States Senator (R-OH) from 2011-2023. He held various other high-ranking government roles throughout the course of his career and is best known for his successful bipartisan policymaking. In his speeches, Portman gives his audience a political insider’s balanced perspective on current events in politics and society. He helps them make sense of today’s top headlines and their impact on organizations and the future of our nation.

Doug Jones

Doug Jones' headshot wearing a suit in front of a light yellow background

Kitchen table politics and the importance of people over party

Doug Jones is a former U.S. Senator from Alabama who was influential in passing more than two dozen bipartisan bills into law. Notably, Jones was the first Democrat from Alabama in 25 years to win a seat on the United States Senate. He brings this game-changing mindset into his speeches as he provides insights on a range of American political issues, including healthcare, voting rights, immigration, and civil rights.

Jonathan Martin

jonathan martin pictured against a white background

Making sense of current trends in politics and policy

POLITICO’s politics bureau chief and senior political columnist, Martin is a trusted reporter who explores beyond the headlines to provide a full picture of what’s happening in politics today and how it’s shaping the future of business and society.

Jennifer Justice

Jennifer Justice's headshot in a red top against a black background

Taking Care of Business on the Path to the Top

Jennifer Justice is a barrier-breaking lawyer and business strategist who made her mark working with the top names in the entertainment industry and furthering their careers. Justice was Jay-Z’s personal entertainment attorney for 17 years, working alongside him to build Roc Nation into one of the world’s leading entertainment companies. In her talks, Justice primarily speaks to the challenges that women face in the workplace. She uses her own story, and those of other female leaders, to share strategies for overcoming adversity and making it to the top.

Ashley Merryman

ashley merryman in front of a dark red background

Science-based insights and action steps for how organizations and individuals can achieve success and become "Top Dogs" in their fields

A two-time New York Times bestselling author whose work has been published in top publications and cited in more than 1,000 books and journals, Ashley Merryman is a leadership expert who has advised Fortune 100 business executives, military leaders, and top athletes and coaches on understanding what makes people tick — what motivates us, what inspires us — and then explains how to use these insights to transform our lives.

Kelly Monahan

kelly monahan pictured outdoors

Investigating the human side of workplace evolution

The managing director of Upwork’s Future of Work Research Institute, Monahan champions a people-first approach to the future of work as she introduces audiences to the human side of workplace evolution. She draws from her firsthand research to reveal current and future trends that are shaping the workplace, as well as actionable for how organizations can adapt in order to create purpose-driven, high-performing teams.

Evy Poumpouras

evy poumpouras pictured against white background

Grit, resilience, and bulletproof strategies for leading without fear 

A former Secret Service Special Agent and interrogator who safeguarded U.S. presidents, Evy Poumpouras is a bestselling author, media personality, and adjunct professor who draws from her action-packed career protecting heads of state, working complex criminal investigations, and operating undercover to offer unconventional strategies for crushing any challenge and living life fearlessly.

Michael Fabiano

michael fabiano smiling

Powerful lessons on peak performance

An award-winning opera singer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist dedicated to creating positive change through music and the arts, Fabiano hits the stage to share inspirational insights for taking risks, embracing controlled chaos, and composing your own path to success.

.Corina Burton

Corina Burton's Headshot against a light yellow background

A step-by-step, intentional guide to developing an unstoppable mindset

As the co-founder of CPR Construction Cleaning and the founder and CEO of Unstoppable Media, Corina Burton is an expert at leading with grace and grit and overcoming the odds to build businesses from the ground up. In her talks, Burton draws on personal experience to share her four principles for developing an unstoppable mindset and achieving big goals.

Galen Druke

Headshot of Galen Druke in front of a dark background

Simplifying and synthesizing political data

Galen Druke is a political reporter and the host and producer of the “FiveThirtyEight Politics” podcast, on which he discusses today’s top issues in politics and policy with America’s leaders and decision-makers. In his talks, Druke uses his skills as an analyst and storyteller to break down complex data and statistics and make them clear and comprehensible for audiences.

Patrick Toomey

patrick toomey smiling in a suit

An inside look at the politics of business and today’s pressing issues in policy

During his tenure as a U.S. Senator, Toomey was widely regarded as Congress’ preeminent thought leader on the financial services industry. He seamlessly blends topics on politics and elections, government issues, and economic policy to offer sharp insights that help organizations and individuals pivot for the future.  

Jim Sonefeld

jim sonefeld smiling

Combining music and storytelling to tell gripping stories of overcoming adversity and achieving big dreams

GRAMMY award-winning musician and drummer for globally beloved band Hootie & the Blowfish, Jim Sonefeld shares inspirational stories from his life to illustrate how anyone is capable of overcoming any obstacle to achieve their purpose in life.

Josh Kelley

josh kelley standing outside in front of trees

A blend of whirlwind stories full of twists and turns with incredible music stylings

A chart-topping singer-songwriter whose music touches on themes of personal growth and overcoming obstacles, Josh Kelley, leads experiential keynotes that blend music and storytelling to inspire audiences to work hard, dream big, and find their own rhythm of life.

Our network of speakers continues to grow, with each person bringing a wide range of expertise — from emerging trends and actionable strategies for businesses to motivational messages and inspirational food for thought

Roben Farzad

Roben Farzad's headshot in a suit in front of a blurred out backgroud

An Exploration at the Nexus of Business, Politics, Tech, and Society

Roben Farzad is the host of public radio’s “Full Disclosure” podcast, on which he discusses the hottest topics in tech, innovation, the economy, politics, media, and more. In his talks, Farzad analyzes the business world and investigates the latest trends and emerging technologies that are shaping the future of our industries and society.


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