New Political Speakers to Consider this Year

After an Inauguration that has been called one of the most radical in history, a lot of us have more questions than answers about the new Administration.

If you’re interested in booking a political speaker who can offer insight into what the next 100 days will hold, here are a few of our top recommendations in addition to great speakers like Chuck Todd:

Democratic Speakers
Stephanie Cutter: Former Deputy Senior Advisor to President Obama and CNN Political Commentator
Donna Brazile: Interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee

Republican Speakers
Ana Navarro: CNN Political Commentator and GOP Strategist

Bipartisan Speakers
Chris Stirewalt: Co-host of the popular “I’ll Tell You What” podcast with Dana Perino
Norah O’Donnell: Co-host of CBS This Morning

Have your eye on someone else? Want a (much) bigger list? Let us know and we are happy to send over fees, speaking videos, or availabilities.

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