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New Speaker: Futurist and Robotics Expert Jerry Kaplan

by Steve Bagshaw
 Futurist and Robotics Expert

Jerry Kaplan is new to our roster and one of my top recommendations for clients who want to talk about the future. An AI expert and best-selling author, he answers questions like:

  • How will the tech. revolution continue to disrupt business as usual?
  • How can companies get ahead of change and become disruptors?
  • What effect will the continued emergence of “robots” (autonomous cars, self check-outs) have on the workforce and economy?

A recent client raved about booking Jerry this spring, saying: “Jerry’s keynote speech was totally engaging, beautifully delivered, extremely well-prepared and equally well-received. (It was literally standing room only.) With a perfect blend of subtle humour, interesting facts delivered in an easy-to-digest format—backed up with some excellent slides—his presentation was spot on. Definitely a 10 out of 10, very well done."

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