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New Speakers in Politics, Innovation, Business

by Maddie Donnelly
New Speakers in Politics, Innovation, Business

This fall, we’ve begun working with some uniquely talented speakers. Here is a list of several speakers we expect will be very popular for events playing in 2017:

Media and Politics

  • Norah O’Donnell: As co-host of CBS This Morning, Norah breaks down the big news of the day and interviews some of the biggest names in politics, entertainment, and sports. She’s a top option for panels and fireside chats. Watch her interview with IBM’s first female CEO.
  • Jake Tapper: One of CNN’s most-acclaimed correspondents and anchors, Jake is well-known for his coverage of politics and the American presidency. He offers up-to-the-minute, no-spin analysis that entertains audiences and gets them thinking. Watch his latest report on the election.


Business and Leadership

Technology, Robotics, and AI

  • Neil Jacobstein: A fantastic speaker for high-level executive meetings, Neil is a Silicon Valley leader with ties to Stanford and Singularity. He explains why artificial intelligence matters to businesses now—explaining the ways companies like Google are using it to shave up to 40% off budgets. Watch Neil talk about our “AI future.”
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