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New Speakers To Our Roster

by Steve Bagshaw
Nils Blythe Paul Johnson Andrew McMillan Pippa Malmgren

This autumn, we’ve begun working with some uniquely talented speakers. We wanted to give you a list of several we expect will be very popular for events in 2018:

  • Nils Blythe, former BBC journalist and Communications Director at the Bank of England
  • Paul Johnson, Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the UK’s leading economic research institute
  • Andrew McMillan, Principal at Engaging Services
  • Pippa Malmgren, founder of DRPM Group and co-founder of H Robotics

From politics and future trends to customer experience and motivation, we have new names in every category to reenergize your next event.

If you have a 2018 event need that could use an exciting, new name, please visit the speaker page or chat live with us now. Happy to tell you more about these four individuals or send a proposal with more ideas.

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