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Non-Partisan Political Analysts

Unbiased Political Speakers

Sometimes the hardest thing to find in Washington is someone without a political leaning. Below are our top non-partisan political analysts, who can frame the political debate, unravel the upcoming election, and discuss the key issues that will make or break each Party. The pros and cons of both sides are weighed and evaluated, and – regardless of personal affiliation – they see through the pundit-created turmoil and analyze the facts of what is really going on in politics today.

  • Charlie Cook, Publisher of the Cook Political Report; Columnist for the National Journal
  • Stuart Rothenberg, Editor and Publisher of the Rothenberg Political Report and Columnist for Roll Call
  • John Harris, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of POLITICO
  • Jim VandeHei, Co-Founder and Executive Editor of POLITICO
  • Larry Sabato, Renowned Election Analyst, Author, and Professor at the University of Virginia
  • Ron Brownstein, Political Director, Atlantic Media Company; Editorial Director and Columnist, National Journal; Senior Political and Election Analyst for CNN and ABC
  • Amy Walter, Political Director of ABC News
  • Chuck Todd, NBC News Political Director, Chief White House Correspondent
  • Kelly O’Donnell, NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent

If you are interested in having a non-partisan political analyst at your next meeting or event, let us know. We can provide you with more information, including availability and fees. Call 1-800-SPEAKER or reach us via the online form below.

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