“People hacker” for your event?


Ever wonder what your body language signals to those around you? Or how to tell if someone is lying? What about which questions to ask to generate a sale?

Two of our speakers, Chris Voss and Jenny Radcliffe, are “people hackers”—or a mix of shrewd behavioral scientist, master negotiator, and actor. They bring something different to meetings focused on culture, social intelligence, sales, negotiation, and interpersonal relationships.

Known for talking her way into high-security banks and even the Tower of London, Jenny is a world-renowned coach, consultant, and speaker. Chris is the former Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator for the FBI. With incredible stories and high-ROI insights, these two speakers can help executives:

  • Read people and understand tiny social cues that can lead to business opportunities if pressed in the right way
  • Use subtle tactics to persuade others during negotiations
  • Open up avenues of conversation that were formerly shut
  • Understand their own vulnerabilities, and how to protect against them

Chris blends of gripping anecdotes (the real stories behind high-profile kidnappings and bank robberies) and lessons in influencing a conversation in your favor. Jenny draws on science and humor to teach lessons about reading social cues and protecting against exploitation. 

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