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Podcast: Kal Kallaugher On Why Cartoons Speak Louder Than Words

by Maddie Glading
Kal Kallaugher, Cartoonist, on LAI Podcast
Kevin "Kal" Kallaugher always knew he wanted to be a cartoonist, but wasn't entirely sure how he was going to turn his love of caricatures into a career. Today, his portfolio includes more than 4,000 cartoons, creating a visual history of American politics and culture over the past 30 years. 

We talked with Kal about how he broke into the business, how the ideas for his cartoons are born, the role of the media in politics, and the political climate today. Listen to this engaging episode of the Speaking Of podcast episode as he discusses how be became The Economist's first editorial cartoonist in 145 years, how he views his responsibility to the magazine's audience, and why cartoons speak louder than words:

Or, download the podcast now from iTunes.

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