Political Duo Options For Your 2018 Events


In an election year that’s especially tense, one way to provide political insights and strike a non-partisan balance at your events and meetings is by hiring an expert political duo to talk through the day’s big issues. Create the right kind of buzz at your next event with one of these expert political duos:

  • Stephanie Cutter & Steve Schmidt 
  • Dana Perino & Josh Earnest
  • Mika Brezezinski & Joe Scarborough 
  • Donna Brazile & Ed Gillespie

Keep reading to learn more about each of these powerful political speaker pairings and browse through their individual speaker pages for more information about their expertise ans speaking topics and to watch their speaker videos. 


Renowned Political Strategists & Presidential Advisors

Stephanie Cutter is one of the most prominent voices in the Democratic party and the former Deputy Campaign Manager for President Obama. Steve Schmidt is the legendary Republican campaign operative for President George W. Bush, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sen. John McCain. With no subject off-limits, Cutter and Schmidt bring their experience, passion, wit, and behind-the-scenes anecdotes to the table for a lively discussion on today's headlines and the big issues on the Hill. Learn more about Stephanie Cutter and Steve Schmidt here. 


Popular White House Press Secretaries & On-Air Media Personalities

Dana Perino was the first Republican woman to be named White House Press Secretary, serving under President Bush. She hosts FOX’s The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino. Josh Earnest is President Obama’s White House Press Secretary and a current NBC/MSNBC Political Analyst. This in-demand duo draws on their White House experience to offer an engaging, honest analysis of the current and future political landscape. Learn more about Dana Perino and Josh Earnest here. 


Hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe

The award-winning hosts of MSNBC’s flagship morning program, Brzezinski and Scarborough bring the same mix of on-air chemistry and profound understanding of the day’s news to each event. Creating a hilarious and entertaining presentation that showcases their love of discussing current events, debating politics, and laughing at the headlines’ absurdities, the pair brings a national perspective to every stage, providing entertainment and in-depth analysis of the economic, business, and political landscape. Learn more about Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough here


Former Party Chairs & Political Powerhouse Duo 

Donna Brazile is the former interim National Chair of the DNC and a well-known Democratic strategist, while Ed Gillespie is a celebrated Republican strategist and the former chairman of the RNC. Both trailblazers in their respective Parties, together they are one of the most-knowledgeable and enlightening duos that discusses the current political landscape and the future of Republicans and Democrats. Learn more about Donna Brazile and Ed Gillespie here. 

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