Political Insight From Prime-Time Network

Grid view of news reporters

Understanding and navigating the 2017 political environment is at the top of the list for a lot of events these days. No one is following Washington more closely than our network speakers. Here are just a few of our household names for key political insights this year:

Chuck Todd is the political director of NBC News and host of Meet the Press. Dubbed “the Most Powerful Journalist in Washington” by GQ Magazine, he is one of the sharpest analysts in American media and a constant presence in Washington politics.

Norah O’Donnell is the co-host of CBS This Morning and former chief Washington correspondent for CBS News. Appearing on-air daily to report on the most pressing new stories, she offers an in-depth look at the personalities and policies driving Washington.

Jake Tapper is an award-winning journalist and the chief White House correspondent for CNN. He is also the anchor of two of the network’s most popular weekday shows—The Lead with Jake Tapper and State of the Union.

Major Garrett is the chief White House correspondent for CBS News and a columnist-at-large for National Journal. Called “one of the smartest people in the briefing room” by Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, Garrett brings valuable insight full of humorous anecdotes.

Kelly O’Donnell is the Capitol Hill correspondent for NBC News and a correspondent for MSNBC. A veteran of the campaign trail and Presidential politics, she speaks with insider knowledge about life spent in the trenches and in the political “war room.”

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