Popular FOX News Editor Available for Speeches

What’s happened to the Middle Class? Will the tech boom really be 10x more disruptive than the industrial revolution? What will become of the Republican Party?

Chris Stirewalt is Politics Editor at FOX News and an audience favorite. He answers these questions and more with data, statistics, and relatable stories about specific parts of the country. If you haven’t seen Chris on FOX, take a look at this video our team made from his recent visit to our offices. It’ll give you a quick idea of his style and topics.

Chris has a large, charismatic personality and near photographic memory, his speeches are fun but also offer insights you haven’t heard before especially relating to the mood of the country. He’s a top bi-partisan option for groups who either want to look at politics as a social science or get down to numbers and data (and the state of our electorate).

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