Proud for Pride: LAI’s LGBTQ Speakers


The past couple years have been turbulent from wildfires and a coronavirus pandemic to political and racial unrest. But it has also been a year of raising our voices and speaking out for equality, inclusivity, and justice.

Specifically, June is PRIDE month where the world celebrates and amplifies LGBTQ voices. Leading Authorities is proud to support and work beside these amazing people who are unbelievably courageous every day. Covering topics such as politics, current events, and fighting injustice around the world, these speakers will educate and inspire your next audience.

Keep reading to learning more about these speakers.

Jonathan Capehart

Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist and Television Personality

Jonathan is a member of The Washington Post editorial board and writes about political and social issues. In addition to being a MSNBC Contributor, Jonathan hosts the Post’s podcast “Cape Up.” With all his “free time,” Jonathan moderates Aspen Institute panels throughout the years as well as The Atlantic’s Washington Ideas Forum. Jonathan is witty and constantly provides thought-provoking commentary based on his personal experiences.


Dr. Samuel Ramsey

Inspirational Changemaker in Science & Society; Cutting-Edge Communicator; Founder & Director of the Ramsey Research Foundation

Dr. Ramsey is a renowned entomologist and assistant professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. He focuses much of his research on bees and is credited with the discovery that could potentially reverse a decades-long bee pandemic. Dr. Ramsey refuses to let the restraints of society inhibit him, both in his professional and personal life. He taps into his experiences to demonstrate to audiences how they can shift their perspectives and enact change. Dr. Ramsey doesn’t limit his search for justice to the insect community. At the heart of each of his messages is the call to bring justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion into professional spaces as well.

Michael Fabiano

World-Renowned Risk-Taking Opera Singer, Entrepreneur, Arts Philanthropist

Michael Fabiano is a leading tenor who has taken the opera world by storm during his 20-year career. Fabiano is known for his intensity, emotional depth, and technical brilliance, and these skills extend beyond his musical performances. Whether he’s performing on opera’s grandest stages, or starring in the Roku documentary Crescendo, Fabiano inspires his audience to transform their day-to-day lives into a show-stopping performance.

Vernice Armour

First African American Female Combat Pilot

Vernice propelled herself from a beat cop to combat pilot in three years. With her “FlyGirl” nickname, she completely embodies the fresh and edgy aura and contagious energy. A pioneer pilot, Vernice uses her platform to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) for young people across the country.

Anderson Cooper

Journalist and Host of “Anderson Cooper 360°”

Anderson Cooper helms “Anderson Cooper 360°,” an unconventional, wide-ranging news program airing on CNN, anchoring nearly all of the major breaking stories covered. Cooper offers his perspective and insight on American politics and culture and highlights coverage of unconventional stories that are often overlooked. He has reported extensively from Russia, the Balkans, Haiti, the Middle East, Rwanda, and Somalia. He discusses international affairs and the challenges that the world faces today.

Martina Navratilova

Tennis Legend with 18 Grand Slam singles titles

Martina Navratilova, tennis player extraordinaire, who took women's tennis to a new level with her speed, determination, and agility. She won the Wimbledon women's singles title a record 9 times and has been described by many as "the greatest singles, doubles, and mixed doubles player who's ever lived.” The same determination which helped bring her such remarkable achievements on court has most recently helped her through her latest battle, against breast cancer. Martina has been described as honest, feisty, self-deprecating, courageous, and controversial. She's always told it from the heart, never flinching from an unpopular comment or cause if she believes it to be right.

Anthony Shop

National Digital Roundtable Chairman, Social Driver Co-Founder

As a convener, entrepreneur, and educator, Anthony champions a digital mindset to create bottom-up strategies that unleash the energy in people. Anthony is Chairman of the National Digital Roundtable, the premier convener of digital innovators, leaders, and policy shapers. Through his roundtables and forums, Anthony has developed an innovative perspective that transcends industries and borders. In 2011, Anthony co-founded Social Driver, a digital services firm to help companies and non-profits establish winning strategies with social media, websites, content, and advertising. Anthony has been recognized as an “OUTstanding LGBT Role Model” by The Financial Times and “40 Under 40” by The Washington Business Journal.

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