Recap: LAI Speakers Take the Stage at SXSW 2024

amy webb, melanie subin, dr. vin gupta, and colin coggins & garrett brown

As one of the world’s largest and most widely attended conferences, SXSW presents one of the most prestigious opportunities for keynotes speakers. Each year, the business leaders, innovators, trailblazers, and changemakers who comprise our roster of talented speakers take the stage at the big show to share their sought-after insights and expertise on today’s hot topics with a global audience.  

This year, featured LAI speakers include: 

  • Amy Webb, World-Renowned Futurist, Founder & CEO of the Future Today Institute  

  • Melanie Subin, Futurist; Trends, Scenarios, & Strategic Foresight Leader; Managing Director, Future Today Institute

  • Dr. Vin Gupta, Tech Innovation Leader; Health Policy Expert; Chief Medical Officer, Amazon Pharmacy 

  • Colin Coggins & Garrett Brown, Business Transformation Change Agents, Popular USC Professors of Entrepreneurship 

Here’s a recap of their sessions and their takeaways, which started conversations and left audience members with new ideas and approaches to consider as they contemplate next steps for driving change and moving their organizations forward.  

Amy Webb Launches the “Tech Trends Report,” Explores the Possibilities of Emerging Tech 

One of the most anticipated events of SXSW every year is when world-renowned futurist Amy Webb unveils her annual “Tech Trend Report” — and this year was no different. The report (which is just shy of 1,000 pages) examines the impact of emerging trends and technologies across every industry and has become a must-read for industry leaders and innovators alike.  

Defining the technological environment as a “technology supercycle,” this year, Webb focused especially on advancements in biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and interconnected ecosystems and their potential to transform industries and society as we know them. Webb was later joined by Melanie Subin, the managing director at her global foresight firm, to demonstrate how audiences can implement foresight in their own organizations. 

Dr. Vin Gupta Outlines the Path Forward for the Future of Healthcare 

Regarded among the most trusted leaders and innovators in healthcare, Amazon Pharmacy's chief medical officer Dr. Vin Gupta took the stage at SXSW to lead a riveting deep dive into the future of health tech, while also sharing practical ideas for how to enhance the healthcare experience for every patient.  

Dr. Gupta detailed various innovations that are positioned to turn healthcare on its head, including a toilet that monitors lifesaving metrics — such as blood pressure and oxygen levels. He discussed current technologies alongside developing ones and left the audience excited and interested in the possibilities that the future presents.   

Colin Coggins and Garrett Brown Reveal the Surprising Traits of the World’s Greatest Leaders

Changing the world involves the ability to move people, and no one is better at exploring new, and even counterintuitive, ways to move people than business transformation leaders and USC professors Colin Coggins and Garrett Brown. Coggins and Brown, introduced their game-changing approach to leadership and success, known as the “Unsold Mindset,” to the SXSW crowd and inspired everyone to think about leadership, growth, and influence in a way they may not be used to. Alongside their keynote, Coggins and Brown held a signing for their bestselling book, The Unsold Mindset, which gave attendees the opportunity to interact with the duo up close.  

Listen to the Audio Recording of Colin and Garrett's SXSW Talk



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