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Recap: Salon Dinner With Ben Saunders

Motivational Speaker and Explorer

Earlier this week, we had the privilege to sit down to dinner with Ben Saunders and hear his incredible talk about the longest human powered polar expedition across Antarctica. Saunders recounted this journey, which spanned over four months, and shared the lessons he’s learned about teamwork and perseverance.

His main message, that no one else can put limits on your potential, was extremely relatable with the audience. While most of us will never carry a 438 lbs sled across Antarctica- we’ve all experienced the self-doubt and negativity that Saunders encountered along the way. Saunders insists that his sense of self-belief was tested more than any joint or muscle during his journey. He vividly and humbly described the moments he began to doubt that his expedition was possible- as many experts have told him otherwise. But surrounding himself with the right team and technology made all the difference. Saunders is living proof that you are capable of going beyond your own capabilities and perceived limits.

While Ben’s talk focused mostly on his arctic journeys, he grounded the audience by drawing parallels to his publishing business. He believes focus and preparation applies as much to a CEO as a polar explorer. Everyone in the audience walked away from Ben’s talk with a renewed sense of motivation as well as practical lessons to implement in fostering teamwork.

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