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Security Speeches from Hackers

by Steve Bagshaw
Jenny Radcliffe Mustafa Al-Bassam Hackers Internet Security
We hope you’re well. We wanted to check in and see whether security may be a topic of interest for your 2018 events? If so, we'd like to suggest you consider two speakers who have worked as “hackers,” and share personal insights to illustrate the human element of corporation’s cyber security challenges...

  • Jenny Radcliffe is a self-proclaimed “people hacker” and behavioural scientist. Known for her incredible emotional intelligence, she can diffuse a crisis situation, talk her way into a secure building, and spot a psychopath at a hundred paces. She talks about the human component of security.

A regular keynote at major security events—including Infosec, Rant, DISA, Nordic IT Security, ICS2, Trend Micro, Cisco, NTT, Bright talk, and Cyber Security Week—and a multiple-times TEDx contributor, Radcliffe has been a guest expert on security, scams and social engineering for various television and radio shows as well as online media.

  • Mustafa Al-Bassam is a former hacker turned “White Hat” security advisor for Secure Trading. At 16, Mustafa co-founded LulzSec, a high-profile hacking group that made headlines for hacking Sony, Fox, and the FBI. He was legally banned from the Internet for two years as a condition of his bail before becoming a security researcher.

Mustafa’s insights have appeared in publications including Forbes, Washington Post and the BBC and on national television programmes to educate the public about cybersecurity. He focuses on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and shares his advice for managers and employees hoping to create more secure networks and ways of doing business. 

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