See Why He's One of the Circuit's Most-Booked Speakers

It’s hard to count the number of accolades we've received from clients who’ve been over the moon for former Harley Davidson Director of Communications Strategy Ken Schmidt. Here are seven clients’ words to explain what makes him great:

“Ken Schmidt was a true inspiration.” “We loved the way he was able to use his humor and style to convey the message of reaching customers where it really matters.”

“His content was stuffed full of reality, and Ken made VERY CLEAR the connections between Harley Davidson and our industry.”

“Within two minutes, he had the audience totally engaged, laughing, nodding, agreeing, and rethinking their whole strategy.” “I noticed at least five people around me who were busy scribbling notes and nodding their heads in agreement.”

“Not only did he give a powerful speech that got people’s attention, but he was such a down-to-earth, easy going, fun-to-be-around guy.” “We would definitely recommend him to anyone else,” and “he scored higher than any other speaker we’ve ever had.”

Ken’s talk appeals to virtually all business segments as he shares stories about growth strategy, creating demand, and the customer experience. He’s a very likable and dynamic speaker – watch his presentation below:

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