Speaker on Doing 2x the Work in Half the Time


We are thrilled to announce we’re now working with J.J. Sutherland exclusively. J.J. is the best-selling author of Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time, and the Chief Product Owner of Scrum Inc.


If you’re not familiar with the revolutionary concept of Scrum, it’s a framework that businesses can adopt to increase speed, reduce unnecessary spend, and get twice the output with half the input. J.J. has worked with major Fortune 500 companies (beverage titans, tech giants) to help them:

  • Structure team meetings and rework schedules to make days more productive
  • Train teams and individuals to become “T” shaped – or more cross-functional
  • Reduce the risk and cost associated with changing your strategy
  • Create better review processes to get a handle on the value you’re delivering versus the time it took to achieve

J.J. offers keynotes as well as half, full, and 2 day workshops. If this topic could be a fit for your next meeting, please visit the speaker page or chat live with us now.

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