Speaker Ideas On Trending Topics

We get asked by clients “What’s hot?” all the time, so I wanted to share speaker ideas on topics I’m seeing trending in 2014.

Best-Selling Authors on Future Business Trends:

  • Brian Solis believes that the future of business comes down to shared experiences, and motivates audiences to rethink their strategy with their desired experiences in mind.
  • Jonah Berger is an expert on how products, ideas, and behaviors become popular. He reveals the science behind word of mouth and demonstrates how to craft sharable content.
  • Ori Brafman shares insights on today’s business challenges, where great solutions come from, and how to produce best-of-class innovation by allowing a little chaos to flourish.

CEOs of Major Brands on Business Strategy and Leadership:

  • Trader Joe’s former president Doug Rauch is a master of innovation and shares insights on building a great business based on culture, innovation, leadership, and teamwork.
  • Honest Tea CEO Seth Goldman shares his insights on how to spark innovation and drive growth while staying true to the organization’s mission and values.

Top Economists with New Perspectives on the Economy:

  • Matthew Slaughter shares insights on the near-term outlook and key forces on the U.S. and global economy and offers a run-down of the five metrics audiences need to know.
  • Zachary Karabell looks at the multi-decade transformation the economy is in and brings a unique perspective to the discussion of what trends will most affect our economy.

World-Class Leaders on Inspiration and Motivation:

  • Daredevil Joby Ogwyn shares adventure stories while discussing turning fear into action. He encourages audiences to embrace the future, challenge themselves, and never look back.
  • Navy SEAL leader Robert O’Neill shares the ingredients to a successful mission: the right people, preparedness, decision making under pressure, and a commitment to never quit.
  • Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer shares stories about taking advantage of the opportunities life gives you and holding each other accountable to achieve our potential.

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