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As the sun sets earlier and the temperature gets cooler, we cannot help but think about the year to come. Are you seeking an expert about the 2020 election? Or even new technology or inclusive practices for your organization? We have assembled a list of the most important yearly trends coupled with expert speakers in each category. Keep reading for our comprehensive list of the coming 2020 trends:

Best-Selling Authors on Future Business Trends:

  • Brian Solis believes that the future of business comes down to shared experiences, and motivates audiences to rethink their strategy with their desired experiences in mind.
  • Jonah Berger is an expert on how products, ideas, and behaviors become popular. He reveals the science behind word of mouth and demonstrates how to craft sharable content.
  • Ori Brafman shares insights on today’s business challenges, where great solutions come from, and how to produce best-of-class innovation by allowing a little chaos to flourish.

CEOs of Major Brands on Business Strategy and Leadership:

  • Trader Joe’s former president Doug Rauch is a master of innovation and shares insights on building a great business based on culture, innovation, leadership, and teamwork.
  • Honest Tea CEO Seth Goldman shares his insights on how to spark innovation and drive growth while staying true to the organization’s mission and values.
  • Former President and COO of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aimé, is a proven expert on transforming companies, re-vitalizing brands, and reshaping industries to solve daunting challenges and achieve ‘the impossible.’ 

Experts on the Economy, Trade, and Tariffs

  • Former US Trade Representative; Vice Chairman and President of Strategic Growth, MasterCard, Ambassador Michael Froman, expertly addresses how US policy effects international trade and the economies of Europe, China, and Asia.
  • Former Chief Economist for CNBC and co-host of Squawk Box, Marci Rossell, offers authentic, high-energy keynotes that deliver actionable insights on complex economic developments.
  • Former Director of the Congressional Budget Office and Economic and Fiscal Policy Expert, Doug Holtz-Eakin, provides a candid and lively 360-degree view of the economy.
  • Matthew Slaughter shares insights on the near-term outlook and key forces on the U.S. and global economy and offers a run-down of the five metrics audiences need to know.
  • Zachary Karabell looks at the multi-decade transformation the economy is in and brings a unique perspective to the discussion of what trends will most affect our economy.

World-Class Leaders on Inspiration and Motivation:

  • Daredevil Joby Ogwyn shares adventure stories while discussing turning fear into action. He encourages audiences to embrace the future, challenge themselves, and never look back.
  • Navy SEAL leader Robert O’Neill shares the ingredients to a successful mission: the right people, preparedness, decision making under pressure, and a commitment to never quit.
  • Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer shares stories about taking advantage of the opportunities life gives you and holding each other accountable to achieve our potential.

Political Analysts That Don't Offend:

  • Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei are the co-founders of Axios, a disruptive media company delivering news and insights on politics, business, media, and tech. The company, whose name means “worthy” in Greek, specializes in high-quality news and analysis easily shared among the country’s influential readers and across social platforms. 
  • Founder of the Cook Political Report, Charlie Cook, also called "the man who knows more about politics than anyone else” by Washingtonian, discusses today’s political and legislative environments in a balanced, non-partisan way.
  • Founding Editor and Publisher of the Rothenberg Political Report, Stuart Rothenberg, is one of the nation’s most popular political analysts and handicappers and offers razor-sharp and humorous insight into election results.

Influential Speakers on Cyber Security and Technology:

  • Former Chief of Security at Facebook and Stanford University Professor, Alex Stamos, led Facebook’s threat intelligence team of engineers, researchers, investigators, and analysts.
  • Former Chief Information Security Officer at Twitter and former Head of Security at Mozilla, Michael Coates, draws on first-hand experience to shed light on the true threats that exist, and how to fight back.

Thought Leaders on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

  • Vice Chairman, Global Wealth Management and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley, Carla Harris, truly embodies a no-excuses persona as the first African American to join Morgan Stanley’s management committee.
  • Former Navy SEAL and Civil Rights Activist, Kristin Beck, shares inspiring and motivational stories that touch on her service and “new mission” of fighting for equality for all Americans.
  • NASA astrophysicist and TV host who grew up in deep poverty in the South, Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi, shares his powerful story of overcoming class and race barriers to become a leading astrophysicist, educator, and advocate.
  • First African American Army Surgeon General and Former Commanding General of the US Army Medical Command, Nadja West, shares her story of grit, perseverance, strength, and breaking boundaries, even when faced with adversity. Taking audiences on her journey to becoming the Army’s first African American woman 3-star General, she motivates them to overcome challenges with self-belief, bravery, and balance.
  • Chief Carmen Best, former Chief of Police in Seattle, WA, shares experience-based insights on diversity, inclusion, and leadership lessons learned guiding a police department during times of crisis.


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