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The world’s most disruptive companies know that the “good” kind of disruption—the disruption you create, rather than chase—doesn’t happen by paying attention to what’s already happening within your organization or industry.

Bringing an expert technology, disruption, or innovation speaker to help you look outside of your industry at your next event is a sure-fire way to trigger new perspectives and ideas. Here are two speakers who help the world’s most innovative organizations do just that:

Mike Steep

Executive Director of the Stanford Engineering Center for Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities, and former SVP of Global Business Operations at PARC Xerox

If you’re looking for an innovation expert who can explain how to actually turn new technologies into new revenue streams, Mike Steep is an amazing choice. After a career spent consulting with companies including BMW, P&G, and Boeing to turn revolutionary technology into new products, Mike is now speaking and offering fast-paced, highly-customizable talks that empower audiences to create industry disruption.

A COO who booked him recently called his presentation an “enlightening, thought-provoking series of fresh ideas on new technologies that are finding their way into the marketplace.”

Mitch Joel

Technology and Innovation Expert & Best-Selling Author

If you have an upcoming engagement focused on finding new, innovative ways to connect with consumers, I recommend you take a look at Mitch Joel. An expert at coaching brands on how to use new technologies to interact with customers and create brand loyalty, Mitch can help your audience better understand:

  • How to leverage technology to make more human and substantive connections
  • How to build your business today for tomorrow’s needs
  • The power of direct to consumer brands, how to build one and/or how to act like one
  • How technologies like AI, VR, and smart audio will transform the ways we work and live


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