Speakers On 2019's Big Topics


If you’re already looking to 2019, our team has assembled the topics and speakers we predict will be big next year and that everyone will be talking about at events and meetings in 2019 and beyond.

Here are a few lists of the most in-demand and popular keynote speakers in each of those trending categories to consider for your future events, too.


Technology, politics, business, you name it—right now, our clients want to hear from strong and impactful female speakers. Here are three women you need to know about:

  • Sarah Robb O’Hagan, CEO of Flywheel Sports, Former Global President at Gatorade, and Former Marketing Director at Nike
  • Sheryl Connelly, Manager of Global Trends & Futuring at Ford Motor Company
  • Dawn Hudson, Former CMO of the NFL and Former President and CEO of Pepsi-Cola North America

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It’s no secret that things in DC are not business as usual, and we don’t expect that to change any time soon. For a post-midterm look at “the Swamp,” turn to:

  • Margaret Brennan, Moderator of CBS News’ Face the Nation and CBS News’ Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent
  • Bob Woodward, Two-Time Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist, Associate Editor of The Washington Post, and Author of the New Book, FEAR: Trump in the White House
  • A.B. Stoddard, Associate Editor and Columnist for RealClearPolitics

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It’s coming fast, and bringing Digital Cities, the Internet of Things, and the Blockchain revolution with it. These three futurists will bring you up to speed:

  • Kate Darling, Leading Expert in Social Robotics and MIT Media Lab Research Specialist
  • Samantha Radocchia, Blockchain Pioneer and Co-Founder of “San Francisco’s Best Tech Company,” as named by SF Weekly, and Chronicled, Inc.
  • Mike Steep, Executive Director of Stanford’s Center for Disruptive Technology & Digital Cities & Former SVP of Global Business Operations at PARC Xerox

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We’re hearing more than ever from clients who want to hear practical takeaways on being a more efficient leader. For a speaker like this, look no further than:

  • Admiral Michael Rogers, Former Director of the NSA (2014 to 2018) and Former Commander of US Cyber Command
  • Jeff Eggers, Former SEAL Team Leader, Executive Director of the McChrystal Group Leadership Institute, and author of the new book, Leaders: Myth and Reality
  • General John Allen, Former Commander of NATO and US Forces in Afghanistan, Former Presidential Special Envoy to the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, and President of the Brookings Institution

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