Speakers From Big Brands

Often our team will hear from clients who are looking for speakers who are affiliated with major, global brands. Sometimes they want an expert with high-pressure, name-recognition experience, and sometimes they are looking for the buzz that a well-known brand, especially a brand that is hot at the moment, will bring to an event. 

Whatever the reason, it's clear that talent with huge brand affiliation is always a draw for audiences and therefore for meeting planners too. Leading Authorities represents an enormous roster of talented speakers who are affiliated with brands across industries including entertainment, technology, retail, luxury goods, hospitality, and more.
Check out this comprehensive list of iconic brand speakers with big brand affiliation:

Keep reading to learn more about each of these big brand speakers and click on the links below to browse through each of their individual speaker profile pages and find out more about their speaking topics and expertise.






20-Year Veteran of Walt Disney World & Customer Service Expert

Dennis Snow is a 20-year veteran of Disney and a customer service expert. At Disney, Snow launched a division that consulted with Fortune 500 companies including ExxonMobil, American Express, Nationwide, Johns Hopskins Medicine, and Coca Cola. Today, he helps organizations rethink customer experience, employee development, and leadership. Dennis is an enthusiastic and talented speaker who can seamlessly adjust his presentation for your specific business. | See more on Dennis Snow.


Former President of R&D at Walt Disney Imagineering

Named one of the “100 Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company, Bran Ferren is a designer and technologist working at the intersection of entertainment, product development, engineering, architecture, and the sciences. A TED speaker, Ferren was the first person to patent the “pinch-to-zoom” technology made famous by Apple. He helps groups answer questions like, “Why should we care about this new technology?” and “What are these things going to do that are going to make our lives more valuable, more interesting, and better?” | See more on Bran Ferren.



Former Director, Executive Recruiting at Google and Holistic Leadership Strategist

Dedicated to helping leaders create the conscious workplace for tomorrow, Ginny Clarke has advised at the highest levels of corporate America for decades. A proven expert in driving diverse leadership, she is the former director of executive recruiting at Google, where she led the company’s diversity, non-tech recruiting, and leadership internal mobility teams – finding and hiring senior leaders across the company. She also built a scaled internal mobility program for Google’s senior leaders to advance within the organization, and designed much of the infrastructure that supports their executive recruiting function today. | See more on Ginny Clarke.


Former Google Executive

Alberto Savoia is a successful practitioner, expert, coach, author, and speaker on the topic of high-yield innovation through experimentation. His area of focus and expertise is in helping already successful and established companies innovate like start-ups. He was Innovation Agitator at Google where he was the most requested speaker on the topic of Innovation. His prior responsibilities at Google included being the first Director of Engineering, where he led the group that launched Google's multi-billion-dollar AdWords. | See more on Alberto Savoia.


Former Google Executive & Former Head of Social Innovation at Warby Parker

Anjali Kumar is a former Google executive and the former Head of Social Innovation at Warby Parker. Now an Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School, she is as an advisor to prominent technology companies, luxury fashion brands, consumer products, and non-profits. She talks about “transforming the norm” using lessons from her time at two of the world’s most innovative companies. | See more on Anjali Kumar.


Former Google Strategist & Research Associate at Oxford University

James Williams worked as a Google strategist for over a decade, and in 2017 he was awarded both the Founder's Award and the Nine Dots prize for his innovative work.  Williams' research at  Oxford University's Oll's Digital Ethics Lab delves into the connection between attention, persuasion, and design in technology. He talks about the intersection of ethics and technology: discussing examples of "tech gone wrong" and exploring how technology has impacted society and individuals and the issue of the "attention crisis," and what organizations can do to minimize these risks now and in the future. | See more on James Williams. 


Former Global Public Policy Lead for AI and Machine Learning at Google, & Former Director of Harvard-MIT Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative

Tim Hwang, said to be "the busiest man on the Internet" according to Forbes, delves into the topic of artificial intelligence systems and their positive (or negative) impacts on society. He discusses how these systems can be used across varying professions and to fulfill different purposes—successfully appealing to both novices and experts in the field. | See more on Tim Hwang.



Former Head of News, Government, & Elections at Twitter

Adam Sharp was Twitter’s first Washington employee, tasked with growing the platform into the news powerhouse it is today. He was also the longest-serving member of Twitter’s global media partnerships team and the brand’s most visible spokesperson. He talks about the impact of technology on incumbent industries and how to take advantage of new media to stay relevant and get ahead. | See more on Adam Sharp.


Former CISO at Twitter and Former Head of Security at Mozilla

For the past 15 years, Michael Coates has led information security for some of the world's biggest brands. He was most recently the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Twitter, where he worked to protect nearly 300 million users and was responsible for securing Twitter systems and user data. Coates breaks down the massive interconnection of different technologies, the explosion of data we've seen, and time to market drivers, Coates provides strategies for securing our systems and data, and his view of the future of technology. | See more on Michael Coates.



Former Chief of Security at Facebook, Former Chief Information Security Officer at Yahoo, and Professor at Stanford

During Stamos' time at Facebook, he led the company's investigation into manipulation of the 2016 US election and helped pioneer several successful protections against these new classes of abuse. The New York Times said that through that work he became known for his role as a "strong advocate inside [Facebook] for investigating and disclosing Russian activity on Facebook." Stamos helps groups think through questions about safeguarding information and infrastructure, building a trustworthy company, and what 'information warfare' means in 2019. He is currently leading the Internet Observatory at Stanford University, which is focused on building a safer internet for all. | See more on Alex Stamos. 


Executive at Google, Former Head of Communications at SpaceX, & Executive Communications Manager at Facebook

Dex Hunter-Torricke has managed communications for some of the most-influential and admired Silicon Valley leaders and corporations of our day. From 2012 to 2016, he led the executive communications team at Facebook and served as personal speechwriter for Mark Zuckerberg. He went on to join SpaceX as senior director of communications where he worked closely with Elon Musk. On stage, Dex expertly combines his experience working for some of the world’s most innovative and technology-driven brands with his passion for social innovation to help companies shift towards a 21st century business methodology. He takes audiences into Facebook’s boardroom, Musk’s open-concept cubicle, the famed Googleplex, and finally to the UN itself to share lessons on what it takes in today’s environment to build highly-effective internal teams, how to use storytelling in modern communications, and what to make of the steady transition from local to global that’s unfolded over the past decade. It’s fascinating to hear him talk about lessons learned from playing chess with Zuckerberg, or the intimidating, singular question asked by Musk in AN interview.  | See more on Dex Hunter-Torricke.



Former Amazon Executive, Author, and Co-Founder, Working Backwards, LLC

Colin Bryar is a business advisor and technology leader whose career has focused on optimizing business strategy, technology, and operations. He is a former top-level executive at Amazon, where he spent more than 12 years – much of it in the early aughts during the company’s period of unmatched innovation – serving as a tech VP, leading the operations for IMDb.com, as well as shadowing and working directly with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to help with all aspects of Amazon's business including strategy, technology, and operations.  | See more on Colin Bryar.


Former Amazon Executive, Author, and Co-Founder, Working Backwards, LLC

Bill Carr is a strategic business leader who has spent his career at the forefront of tech innovation. He is a former top-level executive at Amazon, where he worked for more than 15 years – much of it in the early aughts during the company’s period of unmatched innovation – launching and managing Amazon’s global digital music and video businesses, including Amazon Music, Prime Video, and Amazon Studios.  | See more on Bill Carr.



Former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix, Workplace Innovator, Culture & Leadership Consultant

Patty McCord served as chief talent officer of Netflix for fourteen years and helped create the Netflix Culture Deck. Since it was first posted on the web, the Culture Deck has been viewed more than 15 million times, and Sheryl Sandberg has said that it “may be the most important document ever to come out of Silicon Valley.”  | See more on Patty McCord.



Transformational Leader and Former Chairperson, President, & CEO of Jamba Juice

A transformational leader with more than 30 years of experience as a CEO and operating executive, James D. White has overseen the evolution and growth of some of the world’s most iconic brands in the consumer products, retail, and restaurant industries. Most recently as the former chair, president, and CEO of Jamba Juice, he led the successful turnaround and transformation of the company from smoothie shop to a leading global, healthy active lifestyle brand, and has held senior executive roles at Safeway Stores, Inc., the Gillette Company, Nestle-Purina PetCare, and Coca-Cola. | See more on James D. White.



Life Sciences Leader, Former EVP, Chief Medical Officer, & Chief Patient Officer at Pfizer, Inc.

A pioneer in medicine and leadership, Freda Lewis-Hall, MD, DFAPA, MFPM has been on the frontlines of healthcare for more than 40 years as a clinician, researcher, and leader in the biopharmaceuticals and life sciences industries. | See more on Freda Lewis-Hall.



Former CEO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

With a medical, scientific, and philanthropic career that spans more than 30 years, Dr. Sue Desmond-Hellmann has devoted her life to improving the human condition through innovation. Most recently, she was the CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, leading the organization’s vision for a world where every person has the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life.  | See more on Sue Desmond-Hellmann.



Former COO & President of Buzzfeed and Founder of Cheddar

Jon Steinberg is the former COO and president of Buzzfeed, where he grew the company from $0 to $60 million in annual revenue. He’s the current CEO of Cheddar, which was named one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies” of 2017. In his speeches, Jon talks about finding new growth opportunities, understanding new audiences (millennials in particular), and spotting consumer trends before they happen.  | See more on Jon Steinberg.



Former VP of Yahoo!

Salim Ismail is the best-selling author of the book, Exponential Organizations, a sought-after technology strategist, and a renowned entrepreneur with ties to Yahoo!, Google, and Singularity University. He is the former Head of Brickhouse, Yahoo’s internal ‘ideas factory’ where game-changing ideas were brought in, built, and launched and his last company, Angstro, was acquired by Google in August 2010. He consults with governments and the world’s top Fortune 500 companies on innovation and growth, and discusses the new breed of businesses scaling 10 times faster then established organizations. His work has been featured in premier media outlets like The New York TimesBloomberg, BusinessWeekFortuneForbesWIREDVogue, and the BBC. | See more on Salim Ismail.



Vice Chairman, Global Wealth Management & Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley

As the first African American to join Morgan Stanley’s management committee, Carla Harris truly embodies a no-excuses persona. A well-established powerful voice in finance, Carla has practiced what she preaches for three decades. In talks, Carla energizes audiences with grace and humor as she espouses the evergreen wisdom known as “Carla’s Pearls," which she imparts on audiences globally. She is the author of two best-selling books, including Strategize To Win and Expect To Win. The recipient of numerous awards, including being named to Fortune's list of “The 50 Most Powerful Black Executives in Corporate America,” Harris was appointed by President Barack Obama to chair the National Women’s Business Council in 2013. | See more on Carla Harris.



Former Chairman of North America for LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton

Pauline Brown is former chairman of North America for luxury goods powerhouse, LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton), and a Harvard University professor. She talks about the breakthrough strategies that build consumer demand and loyalty, the role great design plays in building a brand people can't live without (think Apple), and explains why creating desirability should be a main focus in the age of Amazon—plus how to do it. | See more on Pauline Brown.



Innovator and CEO, Uncharted

Jessica O. Matthews is an award-winning entrepreneur, inventor, and social scientist with more than 10 years of demonstrated thought leadership in the future of the built environment, climate resiliency, and improving equitable access to infrastructure resources. She is the founder and CEO of Uncharted, a sustainable infrastructure company that helps cities reduce the cost of developing smart infrastructure. Called “the Elon Musk of kinetic energy” by former U.S. chief technology officer Megan Smith, her groundbreaking research and career center around the intersection of disruptive technology, renewable energy, human behavior, and the psychology of self-actualization. | See more on Jessica O. Matthews.



Entrepreneurial Disruptor, Co-founder and former CEO of StockX

A business trailblazer and industry disruptor, Josh Luber combined his passion for entrepreneurship and sneakers to co-found StockX, the world’s first “Stock Market of Things,” with partners Dan Gilbert (co-founder and chairman of Quicken Loans and majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers), Greg Schwartz, and Chris Kaufman in 2015. As CEO, Luber led StockX’s rise from idea to billion-dollar company and cemented its status as the leading marketplace for sneakers, apparel, and collectibles in under three years. | See more on Josh Luber.



Former Chief Marketing Officer at the National Football League (NFL) & Former President/CEO of Pepsi Cola North America

Dawn Hudson has led an impressive career spanning high-level posts in media, retail, consumer goods, consulting, and healthcare at some of the biggest corporations in the world including the NFL, PepsiCo, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Allergan, PF Chang’s, the LPGA, and NVIDIA. For her revolutionary work strengthening brands’ positioning and marketing, tapping into culture change as fuel for innovative business strategies, and championing inclusive leadership and diversity, Hudson has been recognized as the “Most Vital Leader in Tech, Media, and Marketing” by AdWeek—topping a list of 50 industry titans—and twice named as one of Fortune's annual “50 Most Powerful Women in Business” list. The legendary marketer known for such phrases as the “Joy of Cola” and the “Pepsi Challenge,” Dawn speaks with electricity about the power of marketing and product branding on an industry or organization. | See more on Dawn Hudson.



SVP, Chief Global Diversity & Engagement Officer of PepsiCo & Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Deborah Rosado Shaw is a trusted advisor, strategist, and coach to some of the world’s best companies and organizations seeking to win against the ever-growing complexity of culture, talent engagement, diversity, and leadership. Using a unique and reliable transformational approach to building high performance teams and powering critical business objectives, Deborah has consistently produced game changing outcomes in a career that has spaned being a successful entrepreneur, corporate leader, sales executive, civic activist, and author. Declared a “leading and powerful voice” by iconic PepsiCo Chairman, Indra Nooyi, and described as “inspiring” by Oprah Winfrey, she was commended by President Bill Clinton for being “a testament to America’s free enterprise system.” | See more on Deborah Shaw.



CEO of Flywheel Sports & Former President of Gatorade, Nike, & Equinox Fitness

Sarah Robb O'Hagan is one of the most powerful and successful women in sports today. But, in her late 20s, she was fired twice—back to back. High-energy and known for shaking up conferences with her motivational messaging, Sarah shares stories from her own life to illustrate why turning failure into fuel for success is the most powerful skill to have in business and in life. Plus, she touches on why taking risks and "crashing" more is what led to her vital personal development. | See more on Sarah Robb O'Hagan



Former Director of Communications at Harley-Davidson

Ken Schmidt is widely known as one of the business world’s most outspoken and provocative thought leaders. He’s also viewed as a “turnaround king” for his work bringing struggling businesses back from the brink. He explains how to tap into the positive ways consumers respond to your brand and build a booming culture around that niche. In his talk on “Dominating the Marketplace,” Schmidt talks about the steps to developing a loyal corporate culture and fanatic customer base by using examples from his own life. | See more on Ken Schmidt.



Manager of Global Trends & Futuring at Ford Motor Company

Sheryl Connelly has served as the in-house futurist for Ford Motor Company for over a decade. In this role, she identifies and analyzes global consumer trends to aide in the discussion of long-term planning and strategy across the entire company, including design, product development, and corporate strategy and help anticipate and predict the needs and desires of consumers. | See more on Sheryl Connelly

BMW GB, Porsche GB, & Lamborghini GB


Former Group CEO of BMW GB, Former CEO of Porsche GB, and Former CEO or Lamborghini GB

Few people have led the world's iconic brands to new levels of success and managed successful turnarounds of failing companies like Kevin Gaskell. Whether discussing rapid growth, the type of leadership that fuels success, or the roll-out of a new and unconventional strategy, Kevin always speaks from experience. Kevin's talk centers around his motto, "There's no excuse for not being world class," and he shares the tools he used to build brands that can withstand anything: clarity of vision, creating a culture of success, rethinking self-imposed limits, and creating opportunities for those around him to step up. | See more on Kevin Gaskell. 



Chief Communication Officer at United Airlines & Former White House Press Secretary

Josh Earnest is an outspoken and insightful voice on the biggest and most complex issues confronting lawmakers today. One of the most visible political figures of the last decade, he is highly sought-after for his experience-driven observations of the current political landscape, balanced observations, and candid insights. | See more on Josh Earnest.

Former Head of Online Marketing for the Virgin Group
Sir Richard Branson’s “right hand man” in terms of online marketing, overseeing the Virgin brand’s global digital strategy and Sir Richard Branson’s personal digital strategy as well. Before joining the Virgin Group, Hunter was based in California at Virgin America, where he used the web to build a grassroots marketing campaign to garner public support for Virgin America’s certification process on a tight schedule and even tighter budget. The campaign was covered by Time magazine, CNN, and CNBC, amongst others. He also oversaw the front-end development of Virgin America’s website which has since won many accolades including ad:tech and Webby Award honours. | See more on Alex Hunter.


CEO of Albertson's, Former CEO of Starbucks, Haggen Food & Pharmacy, & Extended Stay Hotels

Jim Donald has been called a “Turnaround King” for his ability to take flailing brands back from the edge of bankruptcy, and was named one of the Top 25 CEO's in the world. He has a new speech all about creating a culture that forever captures the excitement you feel on your first day of work in a new job. He talks about why “the biggest threat your company faces is from inside your four walls,” how to unlock untapped “gold mines” within your corporation, and how to build better attitudes and increased execution. | See more on Jim Donald.



Former President of Trader Joe's

Doug Rauch was instrumental in growing Trader Joe’s from a small, nine-store chain in Southern California to a nationally-acclaimed retail success story and powerhouse with more than 340 stores in 30 states, and for his belief that culture is a company’s DNA—or the only thing a company has that can’t be copied or stolen, and the most important factor in success. A leading expert on marketing innovation and crafting singular corporate cultures, Doug shares important tenets of value-based leadership used to develop a commercially successful and ethically responsible business. In an energetic presentation filled with eye-opening case studies, he shows organizations how to focus their efforts on their core competencies in order to distinguish themselves from their competitors. He also talks about the practices like conscious capitalism and values-based leadership that he drew on to grow Trader Joe’s, and helps companies figure out what their cultural X factor is. | See more on Doug Rauch.



Former CEO of McDonald’s & Executive Chairman Walgreen Boots Alliance

As McDonald’s Corporation’s vice chairman and CEO, James (Jim) Skinner led a turnaround at the world’s largest food service retailer, leaving the company with the best financial performance in its history. He was one of the three architects of McDonald’s worldwide revitalization effort launched in 2003 and upon becoming CEO in 2004, he brought about nothing short of a “Golden Age for the Golden Arches,” according to Fortune. His greatest accomplishment, the “Plan to Win” strategy, managed to reversing falling profits. His strategy focused on improving existing locations rather than building more, and his top priorities were long-term sustainable growth, talent management, and leadership development. Due to this successful shift in strategy, Skinner and his team presided over increased sales, reinvented menus, modernized restaurants, and innovative new food offerings. Drawing from his 41 years with McDonald’s, he shares hard-won lessons and outlines his approach to strategy, focusing on his turnaround story, creating the buy-in necessary to successfully execute change, and leadership development. | See more on Jim Skinner.



Founder of BoomChickaPop

Co-founder and namesake of Angie's BoomChickaPop, Angie Bastian took a kernel of an idea and popped it into one of the most popular brands of natural popcorn. She founded the snack company out of her Minnesota garage in 2001, and it's now one of the fastest-growing products in the market. Bastian talks honestly about what it takes to differentiate a product and make a powerful connection with the consumer. Speaking from experience, Bastian also talks about changes in the retail space, why authenticity matters, and how to weigh big marketing, sales, and branding decisions. | See more on Angie Bastian.



Legendary Chief Marketing Officer and EVP of Chick-fil-A

Steve Robinson led Chick-fil-A's global marketing efforts for three decades, overseeing a transition from a small chain of mall outposts to a booming nationwide fixture (and one of America's most-loved brands). He takes audiences behind-the-scenes at Chick-fil-A, talking in great detail about how the organization weathered identity crises, carefully stewarded wildly-successful product launches and partnerships, flipped the script on industry standards in marketing and corporate culture, and created an ecosystem of happy employees, raving fans, and leaders who serve more than the bottom line. | See more on Steve Robinson. 



Former Chief Troublemaker at Procter & Gamble 

Dustin Garis is a world-renowned brand innovator, consistently voted “the #1 event speaker.” Throughout his disruptive career at some of the world’s most respected companies, such as American Express, Procter & Gamble, The Coca-Cola Company, Ericsson, as well as many other Fortune 500s and entrepreneurial ventures, He's become known as “Chief Troublemaker” for his innovative approach to brand-building, customer experience, and change leadership. He leads transformational change across nearly all industries and regions of the globe. Dustin has an innovative approach to brand-building and corporate entrepreneurship that he shares with audiences. His deep insights and charismatic persona keep audiences captivated while helping organizations embark on the next frontier of innovation. | See more on Dustin Garis.



VP of Big Data & Cognitive Systems at IBM

A future trends, internet of things, and big data expert, Paul Zikopoulous is an award-winning speaker known for high-energy presentations. He specializes in making sense of the latest tech advances and developments—including legislation passing through Washington—for audiences with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. Paul can speak to specific developments, like the repeal of net neutrality, as well as the latest disruptive technology trends at large and what they mean for you. | See more on Paul Zikopoulous.



Former Head of Communications at Microsoft Canada

Chitra Anand is an award-winning communications and marketing executive as well as an acclaimed intrepreneurialism expert. With over 20 years experience in the technology industry, she has spent time as the head of communications for Microsoft Canada, director of marketing at TELUS Corporation, and director of operations at Open Text. She has keynoted several events, AGM’s, and conferences where her talks reveal how to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship within organisations, how to stay on the cutting edge of market trends, technology, and consumer behaviour. | See more on Chitra Anand.



Co-Founder & TeaEO Emeritus of Honest Tea

Seth Goldman is TeaEO Emeritus and the co-founder of Honest Tea, which is one of the nation’s top-selling organic bottled tea and is carried in more than 100,000 outlets. It was repeatedly recognized as one of Inc. magazine’s fastest growing companies and has grown (organically) from five thermoses to well over 100 million bottles a year. In 2011, Coca-Cola purchased the company, making Honest Tea the first organic and Fair Trade brand in the world’s largest beverage distribution system. It was also recently ranked by The Huffington Post as one of the leading “Eight Revolutionary Socially Responsible Companies” and the Better World Shopping Guide called it one of the “Ten Best Companies on the Planet.” The company is a mission-driven innovator and continues to be recognized for its leadership, commitment to transparency, and unconventional marketing techniques. | Find out more about Seth Goldman.


Co-Founder & Chairman of Honest Tea

Barry Nalebuff is the co-founder and chairman of Honest Tea and an expert on business strategy and game theory. Honest Tea was one of Inc.'s fastest growing companies and has grown (organically) from five thermoses to well over 100 million bottles a year. In 2011, Coca-Cola purchased the company. Barry is also the Milton Steinbach professor at Yale School of Management where he teaches strategy, innovation, game theory, and negotiation. Unlike most professors, he practices what he preaches (and preaches what he practices). Audiences appreciate his myriad insights into how to use economic theory to create a new business mindset and run an organization more successfully. In fascinating presentations, Barry engages his audiences with his sharp wit and warm sense of humor as he changes the way they look at strategy and innovation. | Find out more about Barry Nalebuff.



Founder & Chief Purpose Officer of The Honest Company

Designer, eco-friendly diapers. Non-toxic laundry detergent. Plant-based lotion and shampoo. A host of clean, sustainable personal care and home products. And, a commitment to a happy, healthy life with family products that are “effective, safe, beautiful, accessible, and responsible.” Christopher Gavigan is a best-selling author of the book, Healthy Child, Healthy World, and the founder and Chief Purpose Officer of iconic lifestyle brand, The Honest Company. He co-founded the company, alongside Hollywood Actress Jessica Alaba, to empower and educate the next generation of consumers to challenge the marketplace to think about the people they serve. This idea and his passion for it have been integral in growing the Honest Company from concept to a $1.7 billion organization—experiencing what Forbes called “an absurd level of growth.” Named a Men’s Fitness “Game Changer,” and EY "Entrepreneur of the Year" in 2015, Gavigan shares the keys to The Honest Company’s success: Fostering authentic consumer relationships paired with a relentless entrepreneurial spirit. | See more on Christopher Gavigan.



CEO & Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness, Culture Book Creator, & Consultant at Zappos

Jenn Lim is the CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness, a company she and Tony Hsieh (the CEO of Zappos.com) co-founded to inspire science-based happiness, passion, and purpose at work, home, and everyday life. Jenn has been a consultant with Zappos from its start-up days in 2003 to the several billion-dollar business it is today. She created the Zappos Culture Book, an embodiment of how companies can use happiness as a business model to increase productivity and profitability. In 2010, Jenn led the launch and management of Tony's first book, Delivering Happiness, which sold over 800,000 copies internationally and hit #1 on numerous best-sellers list, including The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. It was voted one of the best business books by NPRInc. magazine, and The Wall Street Journal, remained on The New York Times list for 27 weeks and has been published in 20 languages around the world. She explains the science of happiness—that although our brains are hardwired to seek happiness, we are super bad at predicting what can sustain it. | Find out more about Jenn Lim.



Former SVP of Global Business Operations at PARC Xerox & Executive Director, Stanford Engineering Center for Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities

Disruptive technology is growing at an exponential rate, but few people know how to transform disruption into opportunity. Drawing on decades of experience driving innovation and leading operations at companies including Apple and Microsoft, Mike Steep shares strategies on how to leverage emerging technology into bottom line business opportunities. Steep formerly led PARC’s global business operations, where he helped companies including BMW, Google, and P&G leverage technology to deliver new products. Now, he heads up a center at Stanford devoted to understanding and predicting the effects of new technologies on society and businesses. Throughout his career, Mike has worked in the presence of industry legends including David Packard, Bill Gates, and Satya Nadella, witnessing first-hand some of the greatest breakthroughs and transformations within organizations and entire industries. His speech is a blend of insight and practical examples, and he has received rave reviews from high-level clients to date. | See more on Mike Steep.


Founder of FUBU & Star of ABC's Hit Show, Shark Tank

A young entrepreneur, industry pioneer, highly-regarded marketing expert and a man who has surpassed new heights of commercial and financial success are just a few ways people have described Daymond John. Over the last 20 years, Daymond John (The Shark) has evolved from one of the most successful fashion icons of his generation to a highly-sought after branding expert, author, consultant, and as a speaker in business and motivational genres. From guerrilla marketing and branding techniques, to using cutting-edge innovation with social media, he is one of the top business strategists. Daymon John provides attendees with proven tips on negotiating, boosting sales, and increasing productivity within the team. | See more on Daymond John.



President and CEO of Grameen America & Former CEO of Avon Products

Andrea Jung is the former CEO of Avon Products and the current CEO of Grameen America. The longest-tenured female Fortune 500 CEO, she shares stories of how she tripled Avon’s profits and created an unparalleled corporate culture, plus the seven qualities of successful leaders. Throughout her career, she ranked consistently among the top leaders in world on lists including Fortune magazine’s “Most Powerful Women in Business,” Forbes magazine’s “Most Powerful Women in the World,” and Financial Times’ “Top Women in World Business.”  Jung is currently the president and CEO of Grameen America, where she is working to scale the organization to solve economic issues for women and their families across the country through microloans, training, and support. She is also on the boards of directors at General Electric and Apple. Jung is a powerful speaker on leading a global business, business strategy and innovation, marketing and branding, and motivating teams. During her time chairman and CEO of Avon, she was responsible for developing the company’s strategies, brand initiatives, and economic opportunities model for women, expanding around the world into more than 100 countries, and is credited with defining Avon as more than just a cosmetics company, leading it to become the company for women and enabling economic independence and self-sufficiency for millions of women worldwide. | See more on Andrea Jung.



Co-Founders of Axios 

Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen are the co-founders of the disruptive and innovative new media company, Axios, delivering quick, punchy news and insights on politics, business, media, and technology to a smart and highly-engaged audience. The company has already proved a disruptive force in the digital media space, specializing in high-quality news and analysis easily shared across social platforms by the country’s influential readers. An incredible political and new media speaking duo full of energy, Jim and Mike are completely plugged into the Washington scene and offer reporting on nitty gritty issues combined with anecdotes drawn from their personal relationships, as well as witty, up-to-the-minute presentations on current affairs and how to navigate the new digital media environment. For years, they worked at POLITICO, transforming it from a newcomer on Captiol Hill to the website and accompanying newsletter that all of Washington considered a “must-read." Together, these media entrepreneurs and highly-respected journalists cover the trends and personalities making waves on Capitol Hill. | See more on Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen



Former Chief Executive BT Group plc

Gavin Patterson served as Chief Executive, BT for almost six years from 2013 to 2019. BT is a global communications services company bringing together the best networks and technology with the expertise of its people, to enable businesses to grow, communities to thrive, and individuals to get more out of life. Patterson led the completion of the superfast fibre broadband UK roll-out which now provides almost universal coverage and initiated the first stage of network deployment ultrafast fibre- to-the-home technology. He negotiated the £15billion acquisition of EE, which enabled BT to form the UK’s leading converged communications provider. | See more on Gavin Patterson here.



Former President and COO of Nintendo of America Inc.

An award-winning innovator, Reggie is the former president and COO of Nintendo of America. In his 15-year career at Nintendo, Fils-Aimé ran the day-to-day operations and was responsible for all activities for Nintendo in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Named to the International Video Game Hall of Fame, he was responsible for revamping Nintendo’s public relations in North America, addressing the ever-changing challenges of marketing to youth while also continuing to represent the older game-player market. A proven expert in revitalizing companies and brands, he shares his principles for effective leadership and thriving in an age of disruption. | See more on Reggie here.



Former CEO of Dyson

Named UK Business Leader of the Year, Martin is the former CEO of Dyson. Martin was the CEO of Dyson for 15 years, the ideas to market-leading consumer products maker. As CEO, he devised and implemented a strategy that transformed the company from a single product, single market producer into one where 80% of the business came from over 60 markets around the world.  In that time he increased UK skilled jobs, grew profits to over £300m and enabled James Dyson to keep on inventing. He shares proven strategies for organizations to generate new ideas, facilitate growth, stand out from competitors, make decisions, define their identity, and confront failure. | Learn more about Martin here.



Renowned Founders of world-class iconic brands, including international franchise College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving, Co-Authors of “Effortless Entrepreneur: Work Smart, Play Hard, Make Millions,” National TV Personalities, and Thought Leaders

Nick and Omar are the founders of the iconic College Hunks Hauling Junk business empire. Committed to helping more people become successful, Friedman and Soliman wrote the book, Effortless Entrepreneur: Work Smart, Play Hard, Make Millions, outlining ten common sense commandments to growing and leading successful teams and organizations. Endorsed by moguls like Subway founder, Fred Deluca, and Ted Leonsis, vice chairman emeritus of AOL and owner of the Washington Capitals and Washington Wizards, the book has become a national best-seller and is a must-read for anyone looking to enhance their business leadership skills. They share their expertise on branding, leading teams, entrepreneurship, and creating a purpose-driven, customer-centric organization. | Learn more about Nick and Omar here.



Chief Policy Officer at Lyft and Former United States Secretary of Transportation

Anthony Foxx is the Chief Policy Officer at Lyft who formerly served as the 17th United States Secretary of Transportation and as mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina. As Secretary of Transportation, he led an agency with more than 55,000 employees and a budget of $70 billion. Sec. Foxx was responsible for overseeing American air, maritime, and surface transportation and ensuring that America maintained the safest, most efficient transportation system in the world. Confirmed by a rare 100-0 Senate vote, Sec. Foxx’s career success is indicative of his demonstrated ability to push forward in an era of deep partisan divide. Crafting an ambitious agenda to modernize America, he pressed Congress to pass the nation’s first long-term surface transportation bill in more than a decade. Sec. Foxx energized DOT’s embrace of innovation to help solve these problems by launching the Smart City Challenge, a national competition to implement bold, data-driven ideas that make transportation safer, easier, and more reliable in that city. He also worked to accelerate the Department’s efforts to incorporate vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication technology into new vehicles. As Chief Policy Officer at ride-sharing powerhouse Lyft, he works to develop government partnerships and serves as adviser to Lyft's president and CEO. | Learn more about Anthony Foxx here.



Former President and CEO of Walgreens

Greg Wasson is the former President and CEO of Walgreens, the largest drugstore chain in the U.S. He took the reigns during a historic economic downturn and while our country’s healthcare system was in the midst of large-scale reforms. He transformed an iconic company and helped change an entire industry for generations to come, ensuring that Walgreens would play a much larger role in the delivery of healthcare in the United States. Today, Wasson is co-founder of Wasson Enterprise, an investment firm that specializes in healthcare, technology, and innovative consumer and shopping solutions. Additionally, Greg co-founded CoolerScreens, an innovative in-store digital marketing and merchandising platform transforming retail point of sale media. | Learn more about Gregory Wasson here.



Founder & Creative Director, Jo Loves

Jo Malone CBE has been described as an 'English scent maverick and the woman responsible for creating some of the world's most loved fragrances. Originally a facial therapist, Jo fell in love with fragrance while working from her discreet skin care clinic which she set up from her London home. Discovering an instinctual talent for creating scented products by hand in her kitchen, word of her exceptional potions quickly spread and soon Jo was unable to keep up with demand. From these artisan beginnings Jo launched her first brand, Jo Malone London, which gained cult status around the world. In 1999, Jo sold the business to Estée Lauder Companies and remained Creative Director until she left in 2006. Two years later in 2008, Jo was honoured with an MBE for her services to the beauty industry. | Learn more about Jo Malone here.

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