Speakers on the Changing Media Landscape

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A topic that is resonating with clients now is the changing media landscape—looking at everything from the rise of “fake news” and the ways legacy media is being challenged by niche online sites to the polarizing effect this all has on the public. We represent big name speakers who can speak to this:

Jim VandeHei, Co-Founder of Axios and Politico
Jim is the co-founder of Politico, one of Washington’s most entrenched political sites, and the co-founder of the brand new and already successful Axios. He talks about how media has evolved since his days working as a reporter for the Washington Post (before Politico) and how that shift will play out in the midterms and future elections.

Chris Cillizza, Reporter and Editor at Large for CNN Politics
Known for his funny and sarcastic commentary, Chris is a larger-than-life political analyst who has carved out a large space for himself in the digital media world. An early adopter of social media and blogging, Chris looks at what’s changed in political reporting and how it’s effecting both readers and newsmakers.

Farhad Manjoo, New York Times columnist
Farhad writes the Times’s “State of the Art” column, looking at the intersection of technology, media, and culture. He breaks down what events like Amazon buying the Washington Post or Facebook becoming its own news platform have done to politics and evaluates the role journalists now play.

Jon Steinberg, CEO of Cheddar and former COO and President of Buzzfeed
Jon is the founder of the wildly successful online streaming platform Cheddar (it was given an $85 million valuation in its first year). Especially focused on cable and broadcast news, Steinberg looks at the new opportunities presented by a changing media and political landscape.

Howard Fineman, Global Editorial Director at HuffPost
In addition to his work at HuffPost, Fineman is also a regular face on cable news and a long-time acquaintance of President Trump. He’s an amazing storyteller who talks about how technology and new media is amplifying both the best and worst aspects of human nature in politics.

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