Speakers On The Future Of Healthcare


Many industries are facing internal and external disruption—and none more so than healthcare. For a forward-thinking, energizing look at the future of an industry so vital to our country’s future, consider these three speakers.


  • Dr. Dean Ornish, Founder & President of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute
  • Dr. Daniel Kraft, Physician, Scientist, Entrepreneur, & Repeat TED Speaker
  • Dr. Geoff Tabin, Co-Founder of the Himalayan Cataract Project & Professor of Global Medicine at Stanford

Learn more about each of these incredible healthcare experts below, and click through to their speaker profile pages to find out even more about each individual historian's expertise and speaking experience.


Founder & President of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute
A recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Dr. Dean Ornish is the author of six national best-selling books and a leading researcher on the effects of diet and lifestyle on health. Dr. Ornish seeks to help people change behaviors not out of a fear of dying, but through a joy of living. He offers an inspiring and empowering look at the shift towards preventative medicine and what’s still to come—including his research on telomeres. When he talked to my team, we especially enjoyed the Q&A, where he took questions on everything from his current research on Alzheimer’s to stress management techniques. See more on Dr. Dean Ornish here.


Physician, Scientist, Entrepreneur, & Repeat TED Speaker
For an interactive, gadget-packed talk that spotlights the technology remaking medicine, Dr. Kraft is a great option. He is a repeat TED speaker and the Harvard and Stanford-trained head of the medicine track at Singularity University (whose founders hail from X Prize and Google). In speeches, he shares how disruptive technology is reinventing the future of health and medicine. He also demos the industry’s most revolutionary new gadgets on-stage. Watch Dr. Kraft’s TED talk about the future of medicine. After you watch his TED Talk,  see more on Dr. Daniel Kraft here.


Co-Founder of the Himalayan Cataract Project & Professor of Global Medicine at Stanford

Dr. Geoff Tabin’s revolutionary model in eye-care has restored sight to two million people globally by taking a surgery that formerly cost $200 and reimaging the medical process. He now completes it in third world countries for just $25 per patient and has restored sight to hundreds of thousands. A recipient of the Dalai Lama’s “Unsung Hero of Compassion” award, he was recently featured in a 60 Minutes profile; take a look at that video. Geoff talks about chasing impossible dreams, reimagining problems to create solutions that change the world, and how to know when to persevere and when to pivot. See more on Dr. Geoff Tabin here.

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