Speakers on Influencing Change

Berger, Patel, and Joel

How can your leaders, salespeople, and executives better influence the decision making of your clients, buyers, employees, co-workers, and business partners?

At the intersection of business and psychology, these influencers offer unique takes on sales, marketing, customer influence, and leadership:

Jonah Berger: Best-Selling Author and Wharton Business School Professor

  • Brand new book Invisible Influence already a NYT best-seller
  • Looks at the things that influence decision-making and lifestyle choices
  • Shares how to capitalize on social influence to maximize bottom lines and productivity

Mona Patel: UX Expert, Innovation Strategist, and CEO of Motivate Design

  • Shows audiences how to reframe their thinking in order to tap into their own creativity
  • Leads an engaging and interactive discussion on innovation by identifying the common roadblocks that cause bad ideas—plus how to come up with good ones
  • CEO of Motivate Design who works with top brands including GE and Mercedes Benz

Mitch Joel: Best-Selling Author, Tech Trends Expert, and TED Speaker

  • One of the world’s leading experts on new media and emerging technologies
  • Shares insights on the future of tech plus how to drive growth in a mobile-first, always-connected world
  • President of Mirum, a global digital marketing agency operating in close to 20 countries

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