Speakers to Motivate Your Sales Team in 2016

Speakers to Motivate Your Sales Team in 2016

This is the time of year we hear from clients who are planning their kick off meetings. If you are looking for a terrific motivational speaker or an inspiring speaker with a sales edge, here are a few of our top recommendations.

Joby Ogwyn is a world-record holding mountain climber and wing-suit pilot who shares with audiences the values and principles that made him so successful in accomplishing his goals. He shares hair-raising stories about how to set a goal, create a plan, and take concrete steps toward achieving it. Watch his inspiring message on how to commit to a vision in order to succeed.

Recognized alongside Bill Gates and Colin Powell as “one of the best keynote speakers ever heard” by Meetings & Conventions magazine, Ryan Estis and his 20+ years of experience as a top-performing sales professional helps participants prepare to thrive in today’s ultra-competitive, hyper connected business environment. Watch him explain how making referrals and getting found can help to drive sales and increase customer evangelism.

Ken Schmidt is the legendary director of communications at Harley-Davidson and offers a fun, high-energy look into how to drive sales by emotionally connecting with consumers. He has been highly praised for his achievements humanizing the brand through storytelling, and shows audiences how to leverage these relationships to drive long-term, sustainable growth. Watch how he creates demand through an unrivaled customer experience.

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