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Whether it’s AI, leadership, or public policy, Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau represents experts from every field and discipline imaginable. Many of these talented thought leaders take their natural charisma and public speaking skills and use them to produce and host successful and engaging podcasts. Keep reading to learn more about some of today’s most bingeable podcasts.  

Podcast Topics:

Leadership and the Workplace Experience 

“The Rooftop” | Scott Mann, U.S. Army Green Beret (Ret.), Human Connection Coach, Operation Pineapple Express Mission Leader  

From Colombia to Afghanistan, former U.S. Army Green Beret Scott Mann has served his country all over the world. He made headlines in the summer of 2021 when he led Operation Pineapple Express, a daring mission that resulted in the rescue of more than 1,000 Afghan allies amid the chaos of America’s withdrawal from the country.  

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“Fifth Dimensional Leadership” | Ginny Clarke, Former Director, Executive Recruiting at Google  

Ginny Clarke is a passionate advocate for cultivating diverse leadership, and has made her mark advising many of the top organizations in corporate America on their workforce strategy. As the former director of executive recruiting at Google, Clarke uses her unique insider perspective to drive change and help others elevate their careers.  

On her podcast “Fifth Dimensional Leadership,” Clarke inspires her listeners to evolve their careers - and their lives- by becoming effective leaders.

ginny clarke podcast

“Happily Ever Employed” | Dethra Giles, Executive Leadership & HR Strategist, Modern 

Dethra Giles is a workplace strategist and career optimizer who advises top companies on the steps they can take to elevate their cultures. Giles loves to share her insights with others - teaching them to identify their goals, visualize the path the change, and implement their plans successfully.  

On her podcast “Happily Ever Employed,” Giles gives her listeners the tools they need to promote themselves and become the CEO of their own careers.  

dethra giles podcast

Technology, Future Trends, & Cybersecurity  

“Six Pixels of Separation” | Mitch Joel, Technology and Innovation Expert 

Tech and innovation expert Mitch Joel advises world-renowned brands, such as Microsoft and Google, on how to disrupt their industries and position themselves for continued success. Joel is a charismatic storyteller who helps his audience understand how to leverage new technologies and integrate them into their strategies to outpace competition.  

Joel’s podcast “Six Pixels of Separation" is a great place for listeners to find insights on brands that are leading the way (and how), consumer behavior, and cutting-edge technology with the potential to power business growth.  

mitch joel podcast

“Human Factor Security” | Jenny Radcliffe, People Hacker and Social Engineer 

Known as the “People Hacker,” Jenny Radcliffe is a social engineer and renowned penetration tester who has studied the human element of security breaches at length. She arms her audience with insights for securing their systems and information, while also sharing tactics for becoming better negotiators, influencers, and communicators.  

On her podcast “Human Factor Security,” Radcliffe leads engaging conversations with experts about human behavior, social engineering, business, security, and how to prevent cyberattacks from happening.  

jenny radcliffe podcast

“Hacker and the Fed” | Chris Tarbell, Renowned Former FBI Cyber Security Special Agent 

With 17 years in law enforcement – including time in the FBI’s notorious cybercrime squad – legendary FBI special agent Chris Tarbell is the one of the nation’s preeminent voices on cyber security. 

In his podcast Hacker and the Fed, Chris Tarbell breaks down the most important cybersecurity news, helping his audience understand the implications of these often-complex issues on their organizations.  

chris tarbell podcast


“Culture Unfit” | Nikkia Reveillac, Director, Consumer Insights at Netflix 

Having led research and insights teams for big brands such as Netflix and Twitter, Nikkia Reveillac knows how to empower multidisciplinary teams to capitalize on the strengths of each individual. She leads uplifting discussions about going against the grain and supporting diverse viewpoints on the path to collective and individual success.   

On her podcast “Culture Unfit,” Reveillac engages in discussions about cultural restraints and expectations and helps others navigate their journeys at work, and beyond.

nikkia reveillac podcast

“Unwind with Poppy” | Poppy Jamie, Founder of Happy Not Perfect, and Happiness Expert 

The founder of award-winning app Happy Not Perfect, Poppy Jamie is an expert at delivering products, services, and experiences that improve mental health. She is particularly skilled at combining mindfulness with cutting-edge science to help her audience upgrade their headspace to overcome everything that’s holding them back and perform at the highest levels.   

Jamie’s podcast, “Unwind with Poppy Jamie,” is for those who want to defeat their inner critic and develop a can-do mindset. On her show, Jamie interviews leading mental health professionals and entrepreneurs and draws out their expertise and observations on how anyone can develop a happier, higher performing mindset.  

poppy jamie podcast

“Takin’ Care of Lady Business” | Jennifer Justice, Barrier-Breaking Entertainment Lawyer & Business Strategist; Former General Counsel & EVP, Roc Nation; Founder & CEO, The Justice Dept. 

Jennifer Justice is a world-renowned entertainment and live experience executive. Of her many accomplishments, Justice is perhaps best-known for helping hip-hop icon Jay-Z build Roc Nation into an entertainment industry juggernaut during her tenure as the company’s EVP and general counsel.  

On her podcast “Takin’ Care of Lady Business,” Justice interviews entrepreneurs and high-level female executives, discussing the secrets they’ve discovered on their unique paths to success.  

jennifer justice podcast

Current Events & Politics 

“Capehart” | Jonathan Capehart, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist, Associate Editor for the Washington Post, and Television Personality 

A widely respected journalist and host of of MSNBC’s “The Saturday Show” and “The Sunday Show,” Jonathan Capehart has his finger on the pulse of the latest news, domestic and cultural changes, and issues that will define the future of politics and society.  

He’s a talented opinion writer who shares his valuable insights about politics in relation to race, religion, age, and more on his popular podcast, “Capehart.” 

jonathan capehart podcast

“Matt Lewis & the News” | Matt Lewis, Senior Columnist for the Daily Beast 

Matt Lewis is a senior columnist for the Daily Beast, where he offers a center-right critique of American politics and pop culture. He is also the author of the acclaimed books Too Dumb to Fail & Filthy Rich Politicians.  

On his podcast “Matt Lewis & the News,” Lewis brings on other authors, thinkers, and newsmakers to discuss today’s hottest topics in politics and policy.  

matt lewis podcast

“Full Disclosure” | Roben Farzad, Journalist & Broadcaster  

Roben Farzad is a widely respected journalist, broadcaster, and business culture expert who has established himself as a highly influential voice on industry and societal matters during his 20-year career.  

On his podcast “Full Disclosure,” Farzad brings incisive analysis, engaging storytelling, and a commitment to getting to the heart of issues that affect business and culture.  

roben farzad podcast


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