Speakers on Net Neutrality, Tech Trends


The FCC recently voted to repeal net neutrality rules put into place in 2015.

We represent speakers who expertly break down why this vote matters and what it means for businesses and consumers:

Tom Wheeler, Former Chairman of the FCC
Net neutrality was passed under Wheeler’s direction, and he’s been open about his feelings regarding it’s repeal. Having spent the last four decades in the technology and communications worlds, he’s able to discuss the goals of net neutrality and what could happen in the wake of its elimination. He visited our office earlier this year and gave one of the most eye-opening speeches on new technology and the internet (including blockchain and web 3.0) that I’ve seen—he does a tremendous job breaking down complex technologies and explaining their applications.

Farhad ManjooNew York Times Technology Columnist
Farhad writes the “State of the Art” column for the Times and is also a contributor to NPR. This week he wrote a column about the repeal of net neutrality and the effects he thinks it will have on the internet. Along these same lines, he has an incredible tech and future trends talk about the “Frightful Five” (Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft). It explores how these companies have amassed so much power, and what their rise means for the future of businesses, consumer power, communication, retail, education, and more.

Paul Zikopoulos, Author, Future Trends Expert, and VP of Big Data & Cognitive Systems at IBM
A future trends, internet of things, and big data expert, Paul is an award-winning speaker known for high-energy presentations that translate the latest tech advances and developments—including legislation passing through Washington—for audiences with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. Paul can speak to specific developments—like the repeal of net neutrality—as well as the latest disruptive technology trends at large and what they mean for you. 

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