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Speakers on Blockchain, Future of Fintech

by Maddie Donnelly
Neil Jacobstein, Mike Steep, Greg Williams, Tom Wheeler, Mitch Joel

Blockchain, bitcoin, and other fintech technologies are quickly becoming a big focus of many meetings this year—is it something gaining traction at your events as well?

If so, here are some great people speaking on this now:

  • Neil Jacobstein, Chair of the AI and Robotics Track at Singularity University
  • Mike Steep, Executive Director, Stanford Engineering Center for Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities, and Former SVP of Global Business Operations at PARC Xerox
  • Greg Williams, Editor-in-Chief of Wired magazine
  • Tom Wheeler, former Chairman of the FCC and revered telecom executive
  • Mitch Joel, Tech and Innovation Expert and Best-Selling Author

Let us know if you’d like to talk more about having a top blockchain expert speak at your next event. And, if you’re interested, check out our latest blog “Blockchain 101: What It Is and Why It Matters” and fill out the form below.

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