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Speakers on Future of AI and Machine Learning

by Maddie Donnelly
neil jacobstein mick ebeling paul zikopoulos greg williams artificial intelligence machine learning

With the news that Facebook abandoned an experiment after two AI chat bots created their own language, it’s clear that the AI revolution is on its way. These speakers talk about what new AI tech means for your industry, how to use it, and how to get ahead of it— 

Neil Jacobstein, Chairman of the AI and Robotics Track at Singularity University

  • Visual presentation takes audiences into the labs where robots are being born to explain what technology is coming and how it will affect the ways we work and live
  • Served as a technical consultant on AI projects for NASA, the U.S. Air Force, GM, and Boeing

Mick Ebeling, Two-time SXSW Innovation Award winner, best-selling author, and CEO of Not Impossible Labs

  • New talk on “AI for the Sake of Humanity” is all about why AI doesn’t need to be scary but rather has the potential to make the world a much better place
  • Wired magazine “Agent of Change” known for his incredible inventions 

Paul Zikopoulos, Future trends expert, best-selling author, and VP of Big Data and Cognition at IBM

  • Energetic and easy-to-follow talks offer a framework for understanding how AI (and big data) will change the world and how to use it
  • Award-winning speaker and author of 19 books on the intersection of technology and business

Greg Williams, Editor in Chief of Wired magazine

  • Fast-paced overview of the key trends in AI and machine learning and their business implications
  • One of the most clued-in tech journalists on the circuit today 

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