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Speakers on the UK Election and Brexit

by Maddie Donnelly
Political Speakers on Current Events and Elections
Brexit is of course one of the the major issues in the UK snap election on 8 June. But what will this mean for Great Britain and the rest of Europe?  If you have a meeting in the second half of this year, we'd like to recommend expert speakers to discuss the election result, the implications for our relationship with the remaining EU countries as well as the implications of forthcoming polls in France and Germany.
Sir Malcolm Rifkind is a former UK Foreign Secretary and Europe Minister. His extensive experience makes him an excellent choice for groups gauging the diplomatic, trade and security ramifications of Brexit.
Gavin Hewitt is one of the BBC’s most distinguished television journalists. As the BBC’s former Europe Editor, he is a leading commentator on the consequences of Brexit and the future of the euro. He offers detailed, first-hand insight into Brussels politics as well as the economic and geopolitical challenges facing Europe.
Ian King is the Lead Business Presenter on Sky News and a two-time winner of the Business Journalist of the Year award. He speaks with great authority on how Brexit will affect specific sector business issues, and is also able to use his exceptional skill as host or interviewer to moderate panels and fireside chats.
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