Speakers On Popular Meeting Topics for 2021


Are you booking talent now for an upcoming event? If so, what theme is your organization considering?

Here’s a list of speakers to have on your radar now who talk about topics our team is seeing a big surge of interest in lately:


  • Chris Fussell: One of our most popular leadership speakers, Fussell is a former Navy SEAL, managing partner at the McChrystal Group, and author of the New York Times best-selling book, One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams. Between incredible stories of his dozens of special operations missions around the world, Fussell communicates critical lessons on teamwork, communication, and leading by example.
  • Matthew "Griff" Griffin: Matthew Griffin is a former US Army Ranger and the founder of Combat Flip Flops, a shoe and accessories brand, backed by Mark Cuban, whose proceeds help educate women in developing nations. In speeches, Griffin talks about leadership as a responsibility to better yourself and those around you, and encourages audiences to ask themselves the tough questions they may be avoiding and to take on more as they grow. 


  • Sarah Robb O’Hagan: Sarah is the CEO of Flywheel Sports and a former executive with Nike and Gatorade. She’s also the author of the best-selling book, Extreme You: Step Up. Stand Out. Kick Ass. Repeat. Sarah talks honestly about her past failures and how she used them to fuel huge success. She hits on what it means to be an “extremer” and gives audiences a road map for developing and exploiting their unique skill set.
  • Colin Coggins & Garrett Brown: Colin and Garret are Sales Mindset advisors as well as startup practitioners, university professors, investors, authors, and creators of “The Unsold Mindset.” They share a unique, mindset-focused approach to leadership, sales, and personal & professional development that shows that it’s possible to be successful without becoming someone you’re not. 


  • Jonah Berger: Jonah Berger is a Wharton professor, best-selling author, and human psychology expert. In speeches, he answers questions like “Why is it so difficult to promote culture change?” and “How do you make people more likely to adopt positive cultural behaviors?” He’s a fit for forward-thinking groups who want results and shares practical strategies for leading change in a clear and actionable way that encourages buy in.
  • Ken Schmidt: Ken Schmidt is the former Director of Communications Strategy at Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Known as a “turnaround king” for his work helping struggling businesses bounce back, he talks about the steps businesses can take to develop a loyal corporate culture and fanatic customer base.


  • Jon Steinberg: Jon Steinberg is the CEO and founder of Cheddar and formerly the COO of Buzzfeed. Cheddar is the first “post-cable” TV network. It launched in early 2016, streams live news video exclusively on social media, and has a valuation of $85 million. He talks to audiences about making smart bets and skating to where the puck will be and not where it is.
  • Joby Ogwyn: Joby Ogwyn is a world-famous wing-suit pilot and a world-record-holding mountain climber. He offers a speech on risk and preparation, and helps audiences understand the difference between risk and recklessness. Packed with incredible video and photo visuals, Joby takes audiences on a journey to the end of their potential, motivating them to try new things and embrace the unexpected.

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