Speakers on the Power of Exponential Growth

Man drawing an exponential growth line with chalk

The rise of new technologies like the internet and the handheld computer has allowed us to speed up nearly every aspect of human life. And yet, so many organizations are struggling with how to take advantage of the opportunities presented by a faster, more saturated, and ever-connected world.

If your meeting could benefit from an expert look at what exponential growth is, and how to take advantage of it, we have speakers who can customize talks on this phenomenon based on your industry and specific needs:

  • A former Yahoo! VP, Salim Ismail looks at Exponential Organizations, or the new businesses scaling 10 times faster than established corporations. He describes the key characteristics and strategies allowing these innovators to outpace the competition.
  • Peter Diamandis’s talk on Exponential Technologies looks at key disruptors including AI, robotics, embedded networks, and biotechnology, showcasing their potential to transform society, companies, and governments over the next 20 years.
  • Dr. Daniel Kraft explores Exponential Medicine with his interactive talk on emerging medical fields including wearables, synthetic biology, and personal genomics, highlighting how these technologies will change the face of healthcare and the practice of medicine over the next decade.
  • Neil Jacobstein is an AI and robotics expert who offers a talk on Exponential Thinking. A primer on shifting one’s thinking in business or life from the local and linear to the global and exponential, it can be customized to many different industries.

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