Speakers Who Drive Results

5 speakers who drive results

Are you looking for a speaker who will help you drive results long after the keynote is over? The five best-selling speakers below are interactive with audiences, sharing concrete steps and exercises on strategy, leadership, and innovation that let you apply their insights immediately to your own organization.

  • Kaihan Krippendorff helps his audience create innovative “fourth options” for themselves – the strategic advantages their competitors don’t see, don’t expect, and cannot emulate.
  • Lisa Bodell shares the tools and resources you need to start innovating now, posing the question: If you could change all the rules that get in the way of doing your job better, what would they be?
  • Amy Wilkinson shares the six essential skills for leaders, insisting that anyone can adapt use them to inject some innovative, entrepreneurial spirit into their own organizations.
  • Jonah Berger, one of Wharton’s most popular professors, shares the science behind making your product or service so compelling that people can’t help but spread the word.
  • David Pottruck, the former CEO of Charles Schwab, shares stories and offers a nine-step plan for leaders looking to implement breakthrough change at their organizations.

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