Speakers Who Will Wow At Your 2021 Events


Sometimes the thing you most want out of your keynote speaker is a wow factor.

Whether you want someone to talk about future trends and innovation, someone to inspire with motivational true stories, or someone to share their experiences in the business world and break down what it takes to succeed, charisma and the ability to blow back your audience’s hair is often at the top of the wish list.

These speakers have what it takes to surprise and delight even the most veteran audiences:

  • Paul Zikopoulos, VP of Big Data Cognitive Systems at IBM
  • Sekou Andrews, Creator of “Poetic Voice” 
  • Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi, NASA Astrophysicist and Television Personality
  • Rob O’Neill, Former SEAL Team Six Leader & Author of the Book, The Operator: Firing the Shots that Killed Osama bin Laden and My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior
  • Carla Harris, Vice Chairman of Global Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley
  • Jon Dorenbos, Magician and Former NFL Player 
  • Sarah Robb O’Hagan, Former CEO of Flywheel Sports, Former Global President of Gatorade, & Former Marketing Director at Nike
  • Mark Bowden, Expert in Body Language, Human Behavior, and Communication
  • Peter Sheahan, CEO, Best-Selling Author, & World-Renowned Speaker on Exploiting Business Trends
  • Ian Altman, B2B Growth Expert, Best-Selling Author, & Forbes and Inc. Columnist

Keep reading to learn more about each of these media personalities and browse through their individual speaker pages for even more information about their accomplishments and speaking topics. 



VPof Big Data Cognitive Systems at IBM

A future trends, internet of things, and big data expert, Paul is an award-winning speaker known for high-energy presentations. He specializes in making sense of the latest tech advances and developments—including legislation passing through Washington—for audiences with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. Paul can speak to specific developments, like the repeal of net neutrality, as well as the latest disruptive technology trends at large and what they mean for you. | Learn more about Paul here.


Creator of “Poetic Voice”

Sekou disrupted what a conventional keynote speaker looks like and is a true unicorn in the industry. Powerful and with a unique ability to connect with audiences, Sekou’s motivational speeches are more performance than keynote speech and are each 100% customized. He grabs the audience through an emotional and intellectual connection while packing his performance with takeaways on the power of storytelling and the need to stay ahead of your industry’s emerging trends. At a recent speech in Vegas, Sekou kept getting interrupted by applause because so many attendees just got into it. | Learn more about Sekou here.



NASA Astrophysicist & Television Personality

Born into deep poverty in Mississippi, Dr. Oluseyi grew up in some of the roughest neighborhoods in the country. He realized a love of science and space at a young age and, despite near constant discouragement, went on to obtain three degrees, 12 patents for inventions in modern computer chips, and to work on Nobel Prize-winning research projects. Funny, warm, honest, and inspiring, Hakeem moves audiences to never give up. | Learn more about Hakeem here.


Former SEAL Team Six Leader & Author of The Operator: Firing the Shots that Killed Osama bin Laden and My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior

One of the most popular speakers on the circuit, Rob is author of the New York Times best-seller The Operator: Firing the Shots that Killed Osama bin Laden and My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior. His messages—“Never quit,” “Complacency kills,” and “Don’t let your fears give way to panic”—resonate with any audience facing big goals. He is a top recommendation for events focused on getting audiences excited to tackle a big challenge. | Learn more about Rob here.


Vice Chairman of Global Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley

Carla is one of the most infectious and charismatic speakers we’ve had in the office in recent memory. The first African-American to join Morgan Stanley’s management committee, she embodies a “do whatever it takes, no excuses” persona. She talks about thriving in the seat you sit in or aspire to sit in, maximizing success by figuring out what is valued in your organization or industry, why authenticity is a secret weapon, and why you’ve got to get comfortable taking risks. | Learn more about Carla here.


Magician and Former NFL Player 

Jon Dorenbos played 14 seasons in the NFL, notably making the Pro Bowl twice as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. Known for his great sense of humor and positive outlook on life, Jon is a successful motivational speaker who uses his skills as a magician and his incredible life story, including his tragic childhood, to inspire others to greatness. His topics are typically tailor-made to his clients’ objectives and include: Life is Magic, The Power of Teamwork, Overcoming Obstacles, and Embracing Change. | Learn more about Jon here.



Former CEO of Flywheel Sports, Former Global President of Gatorade, & Former Marketing Director at Nike

A disruption powerhouse, Sarah is former global president of Gatorade, former GM and marketing director at Nike, and former CEO of Flywheel Sports. She is the author of the book, Extreme You: Stand Up. Stand Out. Kick Ass. Repeat. She speaks passionately about disrupting your own business from the inside out, embracing a mindset of growth and change, and not being afraid to fail. She also discusses  how to discover your most competitive playing field, and how to bring out the best in those around you. | Learn more about Sarah here.


Expert in Body Language, Human Behavior, & Communication

Mark Bowden is an expert in body language and non-verbal communication. He recently came into the office and had our whole team laughing and fascinated by his entertaining and impactful talk. He shared the science behind body language—plus a look at small tweaks we can all make when giving presentations or meeting with clients that will have a big impact. | Learn more about Mark here.


 Best-Selling Author & World-Renowned Speaker on Exploiting Business Trends, & CEO of Karrikins Group

As CEO of Karrikins Group, Peter advises leaders from the world’s top companies on how to break free of their old business models and embrace change. In thought-provoking and highly-customized presentations—it feels like Sheahan is talking to your specific industry and never just using a template—he offers a roadmap for letting go of industry biases and pivoting towards innovation. | Learn more about Peter here.


B2B Growth Expert, Best-Selling Author, Forbes and Inc. Columnist, & Keynote Speaker

As a CEO for two decades, Ian Altman founded and grew his own business-services and technology companies from zero to over $1 billion in value. This business success, backed by years of researching how customers make decisions, established Ian as a leading authority on accelerating business growth. Through his energetic, humorous, and interactive talks, Ian engages executives, subject matter experts, marketing and sales professionals alike. He shares proven methods to help modernize sales and marketing to align with today’s customers. Whether speaking to an audience of hundreds, thousands, or a small group of executives and senior leaders, Ian Altman’s message still resonates. | Learn more about Ian here.


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