The Speech Topic Trending with Executives

According to a recent New York Stock Exchange poll, 80% of board members surveyed say cyber security is an agenda or discussion item at board meetings. We hear this same message from clients too. We represent speakers with governmental and private sector cyber experience, including:


  • Gen. Michael Hayden, Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and Former Director of the National Security Agency
  • Chris Tarbell, FBI Special Agent who took on “Anonymous” and “Silk Road”
  • Gen. John Allen, Former Head of NATO Forces in Afghanistan, Former Presidential Special Envoy to the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL

Private Sector

  • Kevin Mitnick, “World’s Most Famous Hacker,” security consultant, formerly on FBI’s Most Wanted list
  • Kevin Mandia, President at FireEye Inc., advisor to over 200 Fortune 500 companies
  • Richard Bejtlich, Chief Security Strategist at FireEye, Inc., senior fellow at Brookings

All of these speakers weave breath-taking stories into their speeches. They are also unique in their ability to address specific cyber threats and corporate strategies as well as larger trends including geopolitics and the advent of big data.

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