Technology Speakers Help You Compete by Leveraging What’s Coming

Grid of Burrus, Irving, Ismail, and Uldrich

The current business environment is one of extremely rapid change, and it’s forcing organizations to stay ahead of trends in order to compete. Below are three of our top recommendations for technology speakers who share insights on how to best leverage technology. They get great reviews.

Salim Ismail is the Singularity University director and a former Yahoo! exec who built and sold his company to Google. He shares jaw-dropping insights on the future of technology – like how AI and robotics will affect healthcare, education, and transportation – and looks at how these changes are creating opportunities and how audiences should position themselves for growth.

Jack Uldrich is a global futurist and a best-selling author of award-winning books. He is known for delivering new perspectives on managing change, emerging technologies, and innovation – like how technology is personalizing medicine, and he offers eight strategies that will kick start innovation and help organizations create a new future.

Daniel Burrus is one of the leading technology forecasters and the best-selling author of six books. He helps audiences develop competitive strategies based on the creative application of technology, and he shares insights on the hard and soft trends (what will versus what might happen) affecting your industry and how developing foresight can help identify positive change opportunities.

Larry Irving is a technology strategist who coined the term the “digital divide.” He was the principal advisor to President Bill Clinton and the secretary of commerce on international and domestic information technology and telecommunications issues. He discusses leveraging mobile and the internet of things to improve business and the world.

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